How To Successfully Use Twixtor::Tutorial


How To Effectively Use Twixtor::Tutorial

This is a Tutorial on how to properly use Twixtor effectively and with no ghosting etc. Follow the steps carefully as you could easily make a mistake! Oh and Im BACCKKKKKKKK!!!!! prepare yourself for more videos!
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  1. iPixl3OMG

    Nr 200th liker :)

  2. janteleban123

    ctrl+alt+t then drag the clip..if thats right? 😀

  3. Megaliolik

    hey can you please tell me how to add more time

  4. Tactical012

    (the time remapping allows you to drag the rest of your clip out)

  5. Tactical012

    change the length of your entire composition, and then enable time remapping

  6. Sal Graziano
    Sal Graziano06-30-2012

    Right-click the video on the timeline, choose time, and enable time remapping.

  7. gepiebo

    why can’t you just use twixtor directly from vegas?

  8. eldoradogreen9

    Uggggh! Too much unnecessary blabber.

  9. IIxSubmarinex

    enable time remapping in layer>time

  10. SmeegsVonDeeks

    Hmm sounds like you need to add more time in your project settings

  11. Super2bAs

    My whole clip is not in the timeline when I’m done Twixtor’ing. I know it’s because of the twixtor slowing some parts down, but how do I extend the clip, without like increasing the total time for the whole clip? I just wanna drag out the rest of the clip but I am unable to drag it where you’re suppose to be able to extend the clip (?) right at the end, of the clip.

    Confusing maybe?

  12. GroupBNB

    Can you send me a link on how to download twixtor i looked everywhere and theres NOTHING

  13. awesomekid5436

    @SnipzzProductions K thx

  14. SnipzzProductions

    Get a better pc or use less twixtor

  15. awesomekid5436

    My twixtor makes my After Effects crash. Do you have any suggestions or tips on how to fix it?

  16. AGedgeProduction

    Why is it that all the tutorials I find for After Effects are by people from the UK? LOL.

    Thanks, you helped me. 🙂

  17. saunderfourtwenty

    As soon as I heard “your gonna need an HDPVR”… i just sat back and relaxed. Thanks for the informative video!

  18. NSNewcomeR

    Does anyoen else get a “pause and go” thing when you use the speed above 10? How do you fix thsi? when I use a speed around 20 it always pauses then goes and it looks terrible. How do i fix? 🙁

  19. SmeegsVonDeeks

    That seems right. SOny Vegas is much faster as AE is a much more demanding program and its doing more than sony vegas

  20. rzepa10

    Thanks. One more question. I tested both programs, and I think in most of simple works even twixtor, noise reduction, stabilization and later saving the movie to some “normal size file” 🙂 Sony Vegas is much faster. Am I right or am I doing something wrong in AE ?

  21. SmeegsVonDeeks

    Straight to AE make sure you change the frame rate in after effects twixtor plug in to 50fps (the same as what you recorded for best results)

  22. rzepa10

    Hi. Thanks for good instruction.
    I have movie from my camera panasonic sd90 and its 1080p/50 fps in format *.m2ts Should I use sony vegas in any step ? or should I go straight to my AE CS4 ?

  23. RazorX313X

    Thanks! This Video Fixed my “Shortening Clip” Problem 😀

  24. overspecializing

    Thank you. All the other videos don’t have voice. I have been screwing this up for forever now. My Vegas does some weird Twixtor shit. Anyways thanks for the tutorial <3

  25. kizzel95

    and err

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