You guys need a JAILBROKEN IPOD! This tutorial is for ssh in windows! You guys also need to have your ipod connected to wi-fi!!! In Cydia, the three things you need to search, install, and confirm are – openssh – togglessh – sbsettings After you get all of those, you want to restart your ipod. Then find and click togglessh and click enable as many times as you want. Then put your finger on the top left of your ipod in home screen and slide it across to the other end. Make sure the SSH box is green, if it is not, just click it and it’ll turn green. Now to your computer Download winscp from the link below go through the setup …. After setup : Click WINSCP and click New your HOSTNAME IS YOUR IP ADDRESS. To find your ip address, go to your ipod – home screen – settings – wi-fi – the network you’re connected to – the blue arrow next to the network && you will see the ip address on the top of your screen. COPY IT OVER TO YOUR HOSTNAME. Now, username – root — r – o – o – t password – alpine — a – l – p – i – n – e NO CAPS! Save the network. And highlight the network and login. That’s all folks! It REALLY IS AS EASY AS THAT!!! REMEMBER TO RATE A FIVE STARS IF THIS TUTORIAL HELPED YOU!!! Cya later youtubers!!!
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  1. kassandora9

    ty dude!!! love u… it working for me…

  2. Rocketry123

    it said connection refused what do I do

  3. lonelycoffeelu

    first of all~ many many thanks for the awesome video~
    However, try as many times as I might…
    I still receive “connection Timed out”

    Any solutions?
    I have tried setting a longer time out period,
    downloaded toggle ssh, openssh, sbsettings,
    check ssh on @ sbsettings,
    downloaded winscp, username : root, alpine: psword,
    correct ip address (from settings)
    why do i still timed out?
    is it my router/modem?

  4. Rambooo1998

    thanks, this is the best video ive seen for this kind of stuff

  5. rawrkarixx

    You don’t need the Toggle SSH app. It’s in the drop down menu from sbsettings.



  7. supersonic553

    Hey I made a theme from CodeThemed and I dont know how to send that theme to my winterbored

  8. maximush96

    you must put your
    1.- your IP with dots
    2.- as i did open “Toggle SSH” on your IPod Touch or IPhone
    3.- open WinSCP and try it again

    I hope this help you.

  9. 03bardo

    hey after i save it and i try to login it says host does not exist???

  10. xXSkateBlankXx


  11. logfire111

    me help us

  12. xXSkateBlankXx

    i’ve tried so many ways to do this,
    and everytime i do,
    when i click login,
    a pop up comes up and says
    Network: connection timed out..
    and i click reconnect, but it still
    does the same thing 🙁
    help please?

  13. chudley0

    cheers, was failing over and over after watching your video i noticed i needed togglessh aswell. connects everytime now no probs.

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