How to Shoot Day For Night – Zero Price range Filmmaking


How to Shoot Day For Night - Zero Budget Filmmaking In this brief How-to, Rick shows you how he makes daytime-shot footage look like it was filmed at night. Honours for this video (3) #47 – Most Discussed (This Week) – Howto & Style #26 – Top Favourited (This Week) – Howto & Style #40 – Top Rated (This Week) – Howto & Style .
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  1. neihuslim

    Very nice tutorials: friendly, clear, and no time wasted. I like your little SFX too. Bloooop!—we’re in front of the camera again!


    thank u very much i like ur work

  3. Neumie7

    hmm, interesting. definitely learned something i didnt know before. it does look lore like dawn or something, though

  4. fmajekodunmi

    send me your email mine is

  5. fmajekodunmi

    Femi Majekodunmi like your improvisation

  6. bruvvamoff

    Ikr, he could have removed the sun flicking thru the trees on the right at the same time.

  7. bruvvamoff

    I think if you increased the contrast levels on the finished footage it would improved it even further.

  8. mac2500c4

    i want make some video i wish i can contacte u and u sho me step by step

  9. borkles

    Killer headroom buddy!

  10. NolanSordyl

    @Spasmodicstudios you could try lighting it a little bit, with streetlights or if you can run an extension cord from somewhere nearby. Open up your iris as much as you can and lower your shutter speed as much as you feel comfortable without getting choppy. Do the best you can with that, or else if you have the tools to do so, you can shoot day for night like this then replace the sky in post

  11. pldshrtprdctns

    We’re trying to get our feature film funded! Please watch our pitch!


  12. pammykool

    @Spasmodicstudios It really depends on the camera you haev.What camera do you have? Sometimes increasing the ISO helps.

  13. surferboy36O

    But shooting indoors is exactly the opossite!? First of all you have to light your scene as much as possible so you don’t have any noise/exposure issues. Balance the light to tungsten (or custom preferably), use the highest gain without getting any noise, open up the iris, use the lenthiest shutter time, and if there’s too much light, cut on the one(s) you want.

  14. surferboy36O

    I tried this to get the nuit américaine effect, but instead using a 80B filter and reducing the exposure and it didn’t work at all! On the other hand I took pictures at night with full moon that looked kinda like daytime, and they were great, couldn’t really get the effect I was going for but they had a cool wierd look.

  15. surferboy36O

    @Spasmodicstudios “..not a crappy one” haha! SD doesn’t make cameras crappy, they just have lower spatial resolution. You could try adjusting the gain/exposure until you don’t get any grain, and then light the scene in a way it still looks like its at night. If you need a bluish sky, try filmming after sunset.

  16. rickvanman

    @Spasmodicstudios afraid it’s probably a case of getting a better camera

  17. bruvvamoff

    The image can be darkened by reducing ISO, closing the aperture, increasing shutter speed, or adding a filter. Which is the best method for shooting video indoors under tungsten lights?

  18. bruvvamoff

    Thanks for the video. I would like to see you use the same techniques indoors shooting under tungsten light.

  19. kananidilip74

    this is great thnkyou very much you have website all this video ?

  20. 1SWIndyfan

    Ditto! Tried it out and it looks great! Of course it’s just a question of tweaking to the desired look but it will come in handy for my next project.


  21. rickvanman

    @Getlowboss No probs - happy to help :o)

  22. FallenWorld7777

    ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’ was all shot day for night – it also won for ‘Best Picture!

  23. rickvanman

     Panasonic NV-GS500


    What camera did U use 4 this video?

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