How to Set Up an HD-PVR | Xbox 360 PS3 | Tutorial


How to Set Up an HD-PVR | Xbox 360 PS3 | Tutorial

First part is how to set up the Software DVD, the second is the HD-PVR itself with the TV and Xbox 360 Console, the third part is about how to use the Capture Module and also some of the problems. If you have any questions feel free to post them in the comment section below Please Subscribe me if you found this video helpful, it really means a lot ­čÖé Check Out My personal and clan channels: HAUPPAUGE WEBSITE FOR DRIVER:

  1. gtLVortex

    I have a question Bryan, Out of all the videos I’ve watched, You have kinda been the clearest in setting it up =D You explain that in the back of the Hauppage you use those 3 white wires, that connect to your HD ports ion the back of your T.V, What do you do if you dont have multiple HD ports? Plus how do you set it up if you hav tyrtle beaches aswell? Can you still´╗┐ use them whilst recording? Please Help Me. =P

  2. Sup3rFLy12

    i wish´╗┐ i could afford a pvr so i could make youtube videos

  3. ColossuSDesignS

    so´╗┐ what

  4. IamTSSChill

    You have utorrent lol´╗┐

  5. Zapzyy

    PLZ READ! I cant get´╗┐ my PVR to work & its been days! I Have a Dynex TV With the trail of Total Media Extreme. I Followed all the rules and now my PVR just shows a bunch of black and grey lines when ever the recording screen (Where your things on tv show on computer) it just shows black and grey lines. PLEASE HELP

  6. Rayykz

    ­čśë Hopefully getting´╗┐ hd pvr tomoz for my birthday (:

  7. zZzdidozZz

    I figured it out boys i had it on 1080p´╗┐ i didnt change my xbox settings tehe

  8. Rayykz

    Is it´╗┐ a SDTV?

  9. Rayykz

    Is it a SDTV?´╗┐

  10. xParagonHD

    i have everything done put ps3 screen wotn show on computer…


  11. TheMrRickyyoyo

    @zZzdidozZz I know how to fix it :-)´╗┐ you need to change your tv input to component if that doesnt work change try all the inputs on the tv. Hope it helps

  12. zZzdidozZz

    i have´╗┐ the same problem my tv screen sais no signal

  13. FaDeAmaZed

    Can I down load the CD on two computers !?? Here’s my situation, I have a laptop alredy but im getting my Pvr this week. I ever get a´╗┐ new laptop can I redownload it if I still have my Pvr cd? Please answer thanks

  14. TheMrRickyyoyo

    My tv has interference when i´╗┐ plug the hd pvr in help???

  15. HxrryDzn

    omg help myne doesnt fucking work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when i put it´╗┐ in its all in fine but when i go to Total media extreme it doesnt show up! WTF FUCKING HELP

  16. xVerhey

    So can someone explain the´╗┐ reason why every setup video like this that I’ve watched, everyone uses Input Resolution: 1280 x 720/Recording there Xbox in 720p.. And not 1920 x 1080/Recording in 1080i? I don’t quite understand. Wouldn’t that be better quality than 720p?

  17. MgoOwns

    Same ere’ lol´╗┐

  18. BryanttieMedia

    Alba´╗┐ FTW!

  19. DJVeleno67

    subscribe to imjadohd´╗┐

  20. DJVeleno67

    i have my hd pvr gaming edition on my´╗┐ mac laptop

  21. BryanttieMedia

    oh aye´╗┐ ­čÖé

  22. gregsworld9

    NUFC!!! :)´╗┐

  23. metroclan12345

    i have that exact tv´╗┐

  24. BryanttieMedia

    yessai ;)´╗┐

  25. CreateiveTrickshots

    geordie :)?

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