How to Paint an Eye Step by Step (Painting Tutorial)


WE NEED A VISUAL ARTS CATEGORY ON YOUTUBE Facebook- Twitter- Website- (Merrill) Supplies I Use- http This video will give you step by step instruction on how to paint a realistic human eye. Just follow my step by step instructions and pause the video at the end of each step and you will surprise yourself with the end result. Lets begin. Step 1: Draw the almond shape and the U shape to begin your eye. Please note that I am using a regular pencil on canvas paper. Many painters prefer to use a charcoal pencil for when they draw their under drawing, since the charcoal will blend in to the paint. Step 2: Add the circle for the iris and then the line for the fold of the eyelid. Step 3: Add the shapes in the corners of the eye. Step 4: Add the eyelashes. Be sure to notice that the eyelashes on the top are more full and longer. Step 5: Add the eyebrow. Notice that it slants downwards towards the inner corner of the eye. Be sure to notice its placement in relation to the eye shape. Now its time to paint. I chose a simple palette with very common colors such as Lamp Black, Titanium White, Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow and Green Earth. For the next section, pause the video every 30 seconds and observe the image on the screen. Also be sure to listen to the hints that I give you as I narrate.

  1. sortyfighter


  2. SammiCakesAdventures

    is that beyonce’s eye?

  3. jashingirl098

    @lizforsyth27 Jealous much? Lol

  4. loverofliv

    This is a great painting!!

  5. lizforsyth27

    you cant paint

  6. turningpointe1

    You are great and you make it look so easy! I love the lashes, mine never look real. So glad I found you!

  7. JuliaLaine

    This is amazing! I’ve been trying to paint a realistic eye for months.
    What brand of brushes do you recommend? Also, do you use regular oil paints or the water mixable oil paints?

  8. kazanjianm

    You are very welcome! Thank you for the awesome comment!

  9. kazanjianm

    None taken! Cant help it!

  10. kazanjianm

    Thank you so much! 🙂

  11. 718Macho

    Soooo nice!!!

  12. ManOfSteel2627

    God damnit, i seriously hate the way you say “drawing” !! No offence!!

  13. jennypenny553

    this is very good. the tones that you created ,were very nice. the pupil o fthe eye very realistic. i really admire your painting , and i think that i might do it myself . thanks for uploading it.

  14. TheBillycoulthurst

    This is not realistic check out my videos for realistic eyes with abstract surroundings!!

  15. FatFlobbySnickerDick

    The paint you have is in dutch! I can read that, thanks !

  16. simbagirl31

    it’s good, until the eyelashes.. not a fan of those :/

  17. aimeebaines

    Your accent is lovely! haha


    LOL! Merril, I totally came to the same conclusion the other day. I used to have this Puritan belief that art HAD to be done in such and such a way (I still do ha!) but I agree about there is no such thing as cheating when it comes to you and your art. Only if your cheating yourself! And I’ll never sell my ideas short.


  19. mypandalikesrice

    Holy Guac!! Thts good! :O

  20. drkgrphks

    i love this….great tutorial…brilliant details, adore how blended so many colors to create such a great fleshy color…

  21. klevdav

    Createivly technical intuitive at the same time

  22. cartoonblock

    cool painting

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  24. CarpDiemBaby

    very awesome…. do more painting tutorials like the James Hetfield, Jack Sparrow, the rose, and this one 😀 …. LARS ULRICH!!!!!!

  25. SquirrelShock

    I think with oil paints, yes. But not the same as cleaning them. Just a rinse.

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