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Indy News: Griffin reports on new high-res cameras at the NAB Show, stupid / dangerous / disgusting super slow motion, VFXBro’s free After Effects preset, and how to find and win video contests, including tips from Marissa at VIDEO LINKS Stupid & Dangerous Slow Motion: The Indie Machines’ Slow Mo Slobber: VFXBro’s “Real Camera Shake” for After Effects: Griffin’s “Love Avocado”: Behind-the-Scenes — “Love Avocado”: Griffin’s “Wonderful” movie trailer: Griffin’s “1000” movie trailer: Griffin’s VMWare Fusion winner:

  1. pearsproductions

    Would appreciate anyone who checks out my video and votes!

    Thanks in advance!

  2. jameswalker199

    3 people lost a video contest

  3. HeySoQueso

    For a second I thought you said NBA

  4. InsanityOnABunFilms

    Yes! Ive won 3 video contests! :]

  5. XxPapaSquatxX

    Thanks to u, my friends and i were able to find a contest to enter a video in. We may even be able to win $500 because of ur tips. If u see this, THANKS SO MUCH!!!

  6. OnlineVideoContests

    Hey, if you have any trouble, you can contact Marissa on the OVC website. Just click the ‘Contact’ link in the top right corner on OVC.

  7. SASdigital

    put the filter to international then you can join any on the list (:-D)–X

  8. apoApeiron

    lol yea

  9. ChocolateMilkPicture

    how easy or hard is it to find video contests that really let you be creative with your ideas?

  10. Shrankenhiemer

    This is a good help guide. That website is great. Thanks!

  11. LEEboneisDaMan

    Im having trouble setting up my account on the onlinevideocontest im not getting the confirmation email. Anyone know whats going on? thanks!

  12. SAproductions7595

    I’m gonna do a cheap one. I’m only 12 and 200 dollars is a lot to me.

  13. SAproductions7595


  14. exhaustzd

    Hi as i said before we are a bunch of 12 years old students and we are really interested in movie making and also we wanted to join the contest but most of the contest are for only people at the age of 13 and US residents we are now studying in Vietnam so we cant really join any contests Please reply Thx

  15. tvsinesperanto

    HDD space is dirt cheap. Compared to what you’d spend on a camera of that calibre. For example, forthe price of that 1D-C you can, quite literally, buy over 300TB of HDD space. If you do buy a 4K video camera, the added cost of HDD space is practically negligible.

  16. Justin Leyba
    Justin Leyba07-31-2012

    I’ve never won any video contests before. Hopefully this video can help me! FAVORITED!

  17. JohanthanProductions

    So what If I’m from Asian Country, is it possible to join this contest? Thanks

  18. jeffhallfilm

    It’s sad how this channel has died down so much since the end of BFX even though good content is still posted from time to time

  19. asimo90

    Well I only do videos o my iPod touch 4G so I really don’t have any special effects and I’ve never won a video contest because of that but I can’t afford another camera. Can you help me?

  20. 018fv

    hey Indymugul, please, could you do a tutorial of how Iso and shutter can change the video quality ..

  21. indymogul

    Definitely. Contests come in all shapes and sizes, and some are specifically targeted towards amateurs or even non-filmmakers. I’ve entered simple contests where all they want is your face on camera offering an opinion. Read through lots of contests, and find the one that suits your equipment and talents best.

  22. indymogul

    Many contests are only open to certain countries, and Online Video Contests lets you filter out the contests you’re not eligible for.

  23. TelepathicFilms

    I Live in the uk, Will i still be eligible for these contest? Please reply!

  24. TheResearchPage

    Great vid! Do you think in the future you could do a hands on instructional on how you pull/measure your focus? This has been my biggest challenge having come from prosumer cameras

  25. SabastianRed

    what lumix camera was he using?

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