How to make your videos look more professional – How does Apple!


ever wondered how Apple to create these amazing videos of your products? These videos have to watch this beautiful snow-white background and the crystal clear picture quality? With videos like the announcement that their products or simply advertising your business can make a big difference to making your videos look good the procession – just like Apple did that! In today’s video I’ll show you exactly how to make your videos look more professional with something very simple, and the economic team. Do not forget to leave your question below and I will do my best to answer … Gideon Shalwick download my quick report here disinfection Videoblogging

how to video will help you a PowerPoint presentation, says that can be shared on YouTube. After creating the film and get it on YouTube, the sky is the limit. This presentation is intended for users with Macs and iMovie. You have iMovie, if you have a Mac I have many friends who are teachers, to understand this process so they can incorporate slideshows online or instructions, talking in a blog can bring order. I hope it’s fairly easy to understand that the process can also be used to talk about images to provide a web experience. You just import JPEG images instead of slides.
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  1. Adam Henkel
    Adam Henkel07-26-2012

    Great advice. Thank you!

  2. morrisman64

    what is with the wireless microphone?

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    What camera used in this video exactly?

  15. vincentstockdaletv

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  17. Robert Holstein
    Robert Holstein07-26-2012

    Getting the background, where you can see in their “home” disk, I can say?


    As acsent!

  19. TerblancheProp

    Gideon, great video, thanks. Fast – and nothing to do – the question: Are you an expatriate in South Africa? Or am I just imagine the Saffa accent?

  20. BuzWeaver

    Well done and looks very professional. I’m starting with tutorials, reviews of games / game and points of interest started. They have a fantastic facility. This is me some great ideas!

  21. alyrljt777

    What camera do you have?

  22. solution777

    We really enjoyed this and his other vids. Easy to understand and very informative, even for a novice like me, totally. Thanks I liked it better.

  23. showreel2

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  24. SUFAU001

    Thank u for u to show how he did it! It was easy to understand and that was super helpful! Usually lost in most of the video tutorials, but had only U and I understand from the beginning to the end. Thank you! I subscribed to ur channel!

  25. agentjucey

    I do not know if you read this. But you can make a video or a series of videos in video editing? My editing sucks and I need your help and really understand easily. great video. I subscribe to you too friend.

  26. Davis Lee
    Davis Lee07-27-2012

    What if you are not in the PPT?

  27. TheJainWay

    Great presentation. Learned and enjoyed. Thank you.

  28. stil29

    good vid

  29. Jody Jacobson
    Jody Jacobson07-27-2012

    Thank you! This is a great video. It is clear, easy to follow and respond to an annoying problem! Great!

  30. nambenda

    WOW! Thank you! That was really helpful.

  31. Eisner45

    how it has merged the film?

  32. laila156

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  33. snowy6756

    that helped me sooooooooooooo much!

  34. 1224yungwayne

    How to get the Power Point I’m trying to do a PowerPoint presentation of images that please, I need help from someone who has a MacBook Air and do not know how to make a power point someone please!

  35. 0exstacy0

    wow I do not understand what happened. A few days ago I followed this tutorial very well and worked perfectly. But now I’m trying again, and select “Save target images” does not exist. How could I have spent 2 days and it has suddenly gone?

  36. DivaLove15

    Thank you! I love it! Very simple and to the point

  37. Yoblueguy

    helpful. Thank-you

  38. spenserrothpants

    This is sooooo much help from

  39. bmhairston

    Thanks so much! He referred to maybe 6 times, but it was all I needed to get to me, and I took my PowerPoint to iMovie then posted on YouTube. It worked exactly as your instructions. Good job!

  40. RandomNews7

    AdanChannel @ Comes in Apple’s iLife package and I think with any installation CD Mac computer.

  41. checkoutniandra

    Is there a way in iMovie 8 to run through this PowerPoint presentation, and instead of paper at the bottom and there’s a video running in the background? Or is there another way to have that effect, to do instead of this point of power?

  42. BlackOpsSkidoo

    thanks so much mate!

  43. Seshat54

    Thank you! You saved the show!

  44. Milen575

    @ It Eaglestrke14 what kind of music you want to add depends, but I use the film, click the music icon in the preview screen. You can drag and drop, then edit the configuration, or overlay continuously.

  45. wheelyking23

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