How to make a high-crucial image throughout the day



low profile shot with the flash, and shoot for the duration of the day. In this episode of time and light, we have a guide on how to develop a low-profile reception throughout the day with an external flash. Examine the Show Notes

  1. curtisjudd

    Can not get exactly the same shot, but you might be able to do something similar. The advantages out of the camera flash: – off-camera flash can be placed anywhere you can avoid the backlight for viewing in black, off-camera flash is much more powerful, which is bound to do everything except the subject is dark as possible, you need to flash the force of the cam at full power, and keep your subject from the background as far as possible. Even moving to a room without light.

  2. SamKrzyston

    Hi, quick question: is possible to achieve this shot using a flash? I have a NikonD5100, and still no camera flashes outside. I still want a low profile, the look of contrast to achieve with my paintings. I am a newbie in photography. =) Any advice?

  3. berkk1903

    You can do it, because I know I did. In fact, in images carried Btter

  4. akuthegreat

    Thank you 🙂

  5. curtisjudd

    I would suggest the definition of ISO language in the lowest value (eg 100 or 200 depending on the camera), shutter speed, so each time your camera with synchronized flash in general (eg, 1/250th of a second ), setting the aperture to something that allows very little light on (for example, f/16 of/22) and a shot without lights. You should get a shot too dark / fast. If so, keep the settings and add the taillights of his power to make adjustments until you like the results.

  6. dirttydogg1

    great HD video, could you answer that no. I have a shooting in a bright room, which had some natural light from patio doors, which stood at 3 400 Bowens to get it on both sides with reference standard of light, Infront with the light box 1m x 1m , I was missing you darken the room lit only with the issues, but the joy is not much. How does this tun.Vielen David.

  7. azmiri

    one of the best pictures I have seen the solutions …. Thank you for taking the time ….

  8. elmaulo81

    great video, … Thanks

  9. darkmanunknown

    Good video, well done and very informative. They have a new subscriber!

  10. bartjello

    I’ve tryed. It’ll work, you have a dark room. If no light, the picture is black. I had a photo with a very high maked opening and shutter speed is 1 second. However, with 6 seconds was all but light and which focuses on black. With a small lamp, you can even write in the air when using an exposure time of 6 seconds! View my photos on Flickr too. bartlangelaan com / I will be later senden.Sorry for bad English, I am Dutch and 13 years 🙂

  11. curtisjudd

    You should definitely give it a try. My guess is that constant light is not able to control the ambient light, unless you can somehow reduce ambient light (shutters, doors, etc.)

  12. bartjello

    Why I can not just a bright light? Why should you have a flashlight?

  13. camcordertv

    Thank you!

  14. StuartLoria

    Thanks, I love your way through the process


    Hi Thanks, I use a D90 and it works perfectly with wireless, I was wondering because I thought it is another when using the cable .. But thanks anywayz …

  16. curtisjudd

    In general there is no difference. You just need a way to get remote flash when you have to tell the fire. All the new cameras with built-in flash as a “master”.


    Hi what is the use other than Speedlite with cable release and use it only as a wireless connection? I bought a SB600 are still learning how to use it …. Thanks

  18. scorpk8

    be good to see more!

  19. Paragon1337

    Thank you very much, I tried the “trick” to find to kill the ambient light to record low profile. And so clearly explains. Thank you very much …

  20. DriePie09

    First tutorial I found on youtube that actually approves. Keep it up ^ ^

  21. suilung


  22. annoby

    Great informational video – thanks for sharing and taking the time to do it 🙂

  23. cm374360

    Vid Excellent Very informative, I have to use this!

  24. ukorganist

    Excellent video – thanks!

  25. MrGraniceanu

    You are my day 😉 Thanks!

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