How To Make A Green Screen For Only $12


Two examples of my green screen footage video’s: and This episode: how to make your own totally functional green screen footage for only and 20 minutes of your time! Vloglicious! Celebrating vlogging and vloggers everywhere! Tutorials, how-to’s, suggestions and far more! Follow us on twitter for the most up-to-date video’s, updates and vlogging news on and we’ll retweet the URL’s of your new vlogs! Just send the URL as an @reply to @Vloglicious and we’ll take it from there!

  1. R0bCB

    It jumps from 360…to 720….

  2. CaveofTwoLovers

    People REALLY need to include a test result to see how it would look if we used this greenscreen method. That’s kind of frustrating coming from video to video of how to make cheap greenscreens and not one showing a good final result where they have actually used THAT particular greenscreen they made in an example.

  3. AndreaRenovatio

    Which program of video editing?

  4. josephtapper801

    Brilliant idea with the strips of wood! I’m using a green bed sheet and have been having a tough time getting it flat. Thanks dude!!!

  5. chinwart

    Great video m8!

  6. stressedken

    very helpful.i was thinking of buying some lights because im going to be in my basement.its kinda dark down there.its not pitch black,but it will need much do you think it would coast?

  7. curiousthree

    It’s a great point you make in your video about using the sun for light because it’s one of the best light sources available and it’s even used on big-budget Hollywood movies all the time. It’s often way, way easier to use the sun as your light source. The only problem is that it’s not always reliable! Clouds go by, it rains, your basement may not have sunlight, nighttime, etc. So definitely use the sun when you can, but learn how to use artificial light as well. Thanks for the video!

  8. Haroldp72

    takes a real man to wear a pink shirt like that and when he go out to bars he don’t offend the gays

  9. KingVision18

    Don’t know what program your using, but should be able to use just about any color. However, if you use other colors, you may lose the desired effect. Like if you used red, then its possible you may blend with it when chroma keying it out.

  10. RiptapeSkater

    haha ik was wat filmpjes aan het zoeken hoe je een green screen maakt en toen zag ik jou

  11. Otaiguru

    Actually, you don’t need green screen when you already have purple colour in wall… You can use same as green screen. But, you need After Effects and the third-plugin call Keylight by Foundry. It easy to use and very detail.

  12. bobobosStash

    what if you dont have windows with sunlight?

  13. armystrong321

    why arnt you famous? i mean isnt this what vlogging should be, giving out helpful info and stuff? not like the famous people meekakitty or RWJ who “vlog” by stealing other peoples vids and annoying jumpcuts

  14. 96sunvalley

    Great information. Thanks

  15. TopClassGames

    nederlander ? ! hey huuuuuyyyy bam jonge !

  16. elitestar


  17. Ash91Kumar


  18. WesselOfzeau

    Waar heb je dat laken gevonden?

  19. requiemvlog

    Good affordable solution. I am a bit doubtful about the green screen effect, sometimes it makes video look like too professional, or -even worse- too cheap professional. (not yours, just some I’ve seen in other places)

  20. palaviye

    Sooo informative! I had no idea it could be so simple. Thanks man! I follow you on Twitter but this is my first time on your personal channel. Think I’ll be coming round more often.

  21. TheChantalxox

    Oh nice. I might have to try this. 🙂

  22. Tintamar5678


  23. JaredTJohnson

    Good to know, I knew you could make them cheap, but had no idea fabric and wood would work. Thanks for all the great tips!

  24. HordeFTL

    Hey I’ve always wondered does it need to be a certain shade of green or blue or will any shade work as long as it’s that colour?

  25. picantesworld77

    It’s so funny Renato. I’m watching this video now and I had just bought the fabric today. Coincidence huh!? lol

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