How to Keyframe in Final Reduce Pro X (Tutorial four)


How to Keyframe in Final Cut Pro X (Tutorial 4)

This is my 4th tutorial of my Final Cut Pro X tutorial series. This video will show you how to keyframe in Final Cut Pro X. Even if you have keyframed before in previous versions of Final Cut, this tutorial is helpful for all because of the way FCP X handles keyframes.
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. rishconfused

    is it possible to copy keyframes
    if it is den plzz let me knw hw..??

  2. DeltaNYProductions

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  3. lbprules123


  4. TheMadHun77

    what is the short cut to add a keyframe

  5. DerosTunes

    Than u verry verry verry much!

  6. iEditHelp


  7. StudioEPICNESS

    thanks bro appreciate it!

  8. ItsGoodToBeAnime

    Holy mother of fluff, thank you so freaking much for this. I didn’t know how the heck to work keyframing nor did I know it did this. I feel like a noob but seriously I was looking up “how to make something move on the screen in FCPX”. That’s how much I know about editing with something more advanced than iMovie.

  9. 8isanumber


  10. jazelluarez

    Question: how will i see the keyframes in the timeline?

  11. SalsaShoeProductions

    you need more ram

  12. SalsaShoeProductions

    this helped so much!!! thanks!

  13. lizards821

    @ShawnEsplin Correct, but it is not necessarily always broken up into frames either. Sometimes it can be interlaced, at 60i or 48i. My camera records in 30p, 24p, and 60p @ 1k (1080p) or 720p.

  14. ShawnEsplin

    Keyframing is not necessarily about “moving around graphics on the screen in a certain set pattern”.

    For those who don’t know, video is broken up into frames, generally between 24 and 30 frames per second. A “key frame” is a frame which is marked as important. You can set key frames for any attribute of an audio or video effect that changes over time, and the intermediate frames will be filled in for you. This can be moving, or it can be coloring, zooming, fading or most other effects.

  15. Donavan29ty

    I love it, thanks so much

  16. simon44

    Mine doesn’t work at all and crashes every so often. Its very frustrating and much harder to use than some cheap windows software I’ve used in the past. I’m surprised by how awkward Apple have made this.

  17. switselRulesz

    thnx it really helps me out! 🙂

  18. willblankownsyou

    In the upper left hand corner of the viewer there is a small keyframe icon– click it and you will no longer have to individually set keyframes for each of the parameters in the transform inspector window. Click it once, whatever changes you’ve made in the viewer will be reflected as a registered keyframe. In addition, if you want to see your keyframing in more detail for timing purposes, you can click on the clip you are keyframing in the timeline and press control+v.

  19. SuperDeejay98

    very good tutorial! thanks man!

  20. WhattheXbox


  21. NineToez

    I’ve been using the transform tool underneath the viewer for simple 2-4 step keyframes, however I was frustrated with an 8 step keyframe that just wouldn’t work with that method, so I turned to YouTube and found this video. This is the true ‘old skool’ method of keyframing, however it was just what I needed and it worked perfectly.

  22. lizards821

    Exactly. For example, you have to add a separate keyframe for transform and size. There is also no Motion tab, so you can’t view keyframes, and scroll through, and delete them with the pen tool.

  23. motorztv

    The video started out with “keyframing is a bit more tedious” in FCPX, but really it’s not. It just depends on what you want to do. You can accomplish basic movements by using the keyframe button in the viewer and never touching the Inspector window. But, as you’ve demonstrated, if you want to do more complex moves you do have to use Inspector.

  24. lizards821

    Not necessarily, if you want to keyframe an object, for example have it move across the frame, then have it pause and wait there for a second, this is the only way to do it. I showed you this way that way I didn’t have to make two separate videos on how to keyframe. I did however, use the easier method that I have known from the past in my blurred face/censor effect FCP X tutorial.

  25. motorztv

    You’re doing it the hard way. The easy way is this: just click the triangle in the upper left corner of the Viewer. Move your playhead, then move your object (position, size, etc). Move your playhead again, then move your object again. It remembers each movement and you don’t have to touch the Inspector window at all. It’s so easy a caveman could do it!

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  27. jonoce633

    i always get my perfect fifth and root notes confused. i cant tell the difference sometimes

  28. happythings123

    will this work im trying how to play want you gone from portal

  29. TheFannixPiano

    will this help me to play any song by ear ?
    Just to know the intervalls ?

  30. Underfist101

    You Legend.

    You’ve explained it in such an understandable way. You’ve eliminated the various instrument timbres. You’ve also put a select feature in, whereas all the other ones just seemed to through intervals at you.

    I was that cat with the gun until finding this video.

  31. Iarchy

    Oh wow. This software is amazing. You could have made it so simple, but you went all out and really developed a great learning software.

  32. Deeredman4

    What is the agrigate sum of felus catus within the boundaries of this rectangle XD lol

  33. SuperRuckaali

    I think he dead tho

  34. aZnchuux3

    Happy to know you’re not dead, since you added subtitles! 🙂

  35. mojosaur

    This is a great start….but you can hear intervals and still not be able to identify actual pitch….in other words, you can sing a third above the actual pitch, and still hear the song in your head, etc. I know this because less than a year ago I was doing this……good news is that you can learn pitch too, but with a different program….other thing is, you want to start to hear the intervals without the mental reminder.

  36. PiethagorasTearem

    2:40 The song I thought of was Reconstructing Science the Portal theme

  37. daasianboi

    you havent been making videos lately T.T

  38. Marina Ford
    Marina Ford08-01-2012

    This video and the program actually really helped me. I know a lot about Music Theory, but the one thing i could not get was ear training. Thank you soo much for this helpful way to learn 😀

  39. brooklyn310

    You’re the man bro!

  40. accordioncafe

    Really interesting way of putting it over. Fascinating.

  41. gondishapur

    You are a genius, Jimmyr! I wish I could tutor with you on web design! Music is too hard for me, maybe in my next life. Having been an instructor, I know a good one when I see one.

  42. mxh91

    3 years ago, I discovered this video. Today, I play music on the radio by EAR! It still takes some time, but im 2x faster than before! it fucking works!

  43. unknowngente

    Anybody know what happened to him??

  44. LoveYoshiClan

    Should have kept the program basic, the new version is chaos to use

  45. danne461

    Lol funniest tutorial video ever

  46. seal3081

    i just use joy to the world and use every word while descending.

  47. johnc7995

    I miss this guy.

  48. ReflectiveMind678

    hahaha me too that was fabulous :DDD

  49. ra2yuri4

    well thanks. Least it’s good to know he’s not dead :c.

  50. vkyle52

    He won’t come back until he has a consistent upload rate. He’s still active in reddit and he has some videos in dailymotion.

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