How to Green Screen and After Effects Tutorial

21 DVD green screen and special effects for independent films at a low or no budget. The film Nick Romero and The Good Sin was shot with a DVX-100 and edited entirely in Adobe Premiere and After Effects CS3. Keying done with After Effects plug-in Keylight. Composition also achieved with Adobe After Effects. For more information about this tutorial visit to this and other videos tutorials on making movies with Adobe After Effects to see.

This project was shot entirely on green screen performance with the talented Jayson Walker. All effects I. created in After Effects and edited in Final Cut Pro Full video can be seen here Fun fact: In the segment of the battle, the effects are based on Jayson freestyle movements, graphics were what I imagined would be generated by these movements created. Quite to my love for video games inspired classic Special thanks to Jayson Walker on originality, creativity and Hugh Campbell for his excellent camera work I hope you enjoy Fly Away song written and performed by Jayson Walker graphics and Yaw Boadi Written and directed by Yaw Boadi Directed by animation Yaw Boadi Music Hugh Campbell produced by Yaw Boadi Filmed known as a man
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    nice: D, can mans pleasee watch my videos :))

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    Not really a tutorial, but useful nonetheless.

  5. Melvin PH
    Melvin PH10-24-2012

    The site seems to be down, or more so. You have a new website, perhaps? Great video!

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    Marlon McLeod10-24-2012

    I’m motivated ***

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    Great stuff!

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    There was a bit of skill. Do you do any tuts?

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    Too good. Can you make a tutorial?

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    @ Dino Shelby looks good. seen this many times and has not really everyone knows, screaming haha

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    I followed a lot of tutorials but I would love, if time permits

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    How the hell did you do that? Tutorial please?

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    This is much more complete victory! Nice well done, man!

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    Wow, that’s very impressive.

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    can you please a tutorial on how you did the background images. and makes everything look like a video game?! and as is the green screen? where I can buy it?

  21. p5ch0f1eld

    I love this version soooo much!

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