How to do Green Screen – SnapChick Question of the Day

15 SnapChick answers your questions. Today, she talks about green screen footage!

Scopri come realizzare un green screen footage con pinnacle
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  1. Dombowerphoto

    JHC! how much must your electricity bill be! that is such a load of continuous light it must also get hot as hell?

  2. TheSnapChick

    I’d love to light it from all four sides, but what I’m doing works fine. FCPX sees it all as chroma green after a couple of clicks.

  3. hp5man

    Have you tried illuminating the screen from both sides rather than from below?

  4. TheSnapChick


  5. TheSnapChick

    Ideally, you would have it completely uniform. I edit with Final Cut Pro X, which lets me select samples from all of the various green areas. Also, those bright areas will usually be below the area that I’m actually recording. Great question!

  6. FloppyHatPhotos

    Your about to hit the 200 mark.

  7. hp5man

    How even does the illumination have to be for the green screen to work? I noticed that there were a couple of lighting hotspots near the bottom of the screen.

  8. izthebutcher

    star wars green screen video time i think!

  9. AEPshawn

    Good idea with the work lights! Much more affordable than the “pro” constant lights. Thanks!

  10. ExportAli

    Or some double penetration..

  11. sweetypie000

    Yes, I have a question : fancy a damn good spanking ?

  12. tommix73

    Grazie è la risposta che cercavo anch’io, purtroppo anch’io viaggio a 32bit

  13. TheLorere

    Purtroppo io non posso scarica After Effects CS5 perchè ho un sistema operativo 32-bit. Grazie comunque. :DD

  14. daydreammovie

    Esiste un metodo alternativo chiamato pennello rotoscopio, ma si usa solo quando ci si trova alle strette e non è uno strumento reperibile su software di montaggio come pinnacle, è stato ad esempio integrato nella versione cs5.5 di After Effects ma comunque c’è bisogno di un pc molto potente per un’analisi grafica accettabile! O altrimenti (sempre so software di compositing grafic) si procede con le maschere animandolo fotogramma per fotogramma!

  15. TheLorere

    Ma c’è un modo per non partire da un video già con sfondo verde?

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