How to convert RGB to CMYK


How to convert RGB to CMYK

In this tutorial I’ll teach you how to convert RGB to CMYK, you’re images that is ­čśë For those that don’t have a clue what RGB and CMYK are: They’re are what we call colour spaces. What that means is that ex. in an RGB (Red Green Blue) image all the colours are made of a mix of red, green and blue. The reason it’s important to convert to CMYK is that most printers print in this colour space, and to get the best result, and to see what we’ll get out of the printer we have to do the conversion like I show you in the video. Please comment, rate and subscribe ­čÖé OBS watch this in full screen HD it’s a much better experience! For more tutorials in bigger size and a lot of other good photoshop stuff, please visit my website

  1. DEVIMON111213

    very helpful and right out of the´╗┐ point.. thanks

  2. Mithlinthar

    Thank you!´╗┐

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  4. Tceliilo

    if i do it with a youtube background i cant upload it? :/
    need´╗┐ help!!!

  5. paze21

    sounds like´╗┐ a pilot !!!!

  6. emeschrist

    thank you so´╗┐ much,

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    wow thank you!´╗┐

  8. RHPdocs

    Great. Thank you so´╗┐ much for doing this!

  9. 665885

    Thanks for the tutorial ! Saved´╗┐ my life!


    is there a way to convert cmyk to rgb im trying to upload an image to deviant art but it says it cant upload it because its cmyk and i need to´╗┐ convert it to rgb????

  11. thebigw1004

    is there any way to make a red color on cymk? i cant figure it out when ever´╗┐ i put a brush and set foreground to red it does not work it is gray, and other colors. any suggestions? ­čś«

  12. Shany2324

    Great tutorial! Helped out´╗┐ a lot! ­čÖé

  13. queenyael

    thank you. very helpful.´╗┐

  14. halfbreed02

    Great Vid!, How do you separate the CMYK onto´╗┐ their own layer??

  15. Biouyj

    Thx for´╗┐ that video, very usefull

  16. Ichorose

    I´╗┐ love you bro. thanks

  17. apollman1

    Supper Helpful! Very clear and done´╗┐ at a great pace

  18. harraik

    Awesome. Super helpful. I was having issues converting some artwork I designed for the web to CMYK to print–the colors looked like shit and were very´╗┐ dull. Using this method and then playing with the curves a bit I was able to get something that looks pretty close to the original. Thanks.

  19. katnip284

    Having just been made “Photography Editor” for a startup newspaper (no´╗┐ one else wanted the job!), and now being in charge of prepress photo conversions for offset printing, I found your tutorial so helpful! I had the commercial printer’s specs, but it never even occurred to me to check for OOG colors before converting. I’ll try this for the next issue’s print run. ­čÖé

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    thanx you´╗┐ tha man. like butta

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    Thank you…this saved me´╗┐ a lot of time!

  22. shr0pshire

    Great tutorial. I found this very´╗┐ helpful! Thanks.

  23. Ozzurfer

    sadly no because it’s not the actual colours that are the problem it’s the printers ability to “make” these colours. So you’ll just get a slight desaturation in´╗┐ those areas, but that’s why we do it manually (to try and keep the colour as good as possible)

  24. 3whisperer

    Great, is there a trick where you can simulate these´╗┐ colors that are out of the gamut?

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