How to composite a greenscreen element and a stage developed in Maya and Immediately after Effects


A tutorial created by in this tutorial you will learn how to composite in After Effects a greenscreen element and a CG Stage created in Maya.
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PART 1 of 2: From Nuke 6.1 Ultimatte comes as standard with Nuke. Steve Wright talks us through how to get the best from it in this tutorial. Accompanying assets can be found on The Foundry’s website by going to Nuke or NukeX and then Training Resources.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

  1. Luka1180

    You should redo this tutorial in 1080p or 720p 😉

  2. tillasmax

    Great video keep up the good work.

  3. thandons

    Thanks a lot for a very useful tutorial. The audio could be a little bit clearer, less echo though.

  4. ThePolypop

    ***** Thats Super cool *****
    *Keep them coming

  5. superlouis914

    @effectsportal The views are coming XD
    Great video!

  6. AssJuicenNowa

    What’s that intro music…? 😛 I know I have heard it before… 🙂

  7. drky111

    amazing effect…
    it’s cool video but please make next video in hd quality

  8. Arrdude

    rly nice work will try something like this to, “now when i know how to”

  9. effectsportal

    Glad you liked it. I have no idea why it hasn’t had more views!?

  10. upload

    wow!! thanks man, this should have more views than 300 because this is realllly useful!!

  11. effectsportal

    hi joesking, if you mean apple mac by macromedia, then no after effects and maya are available on windows. Glad you enjoyed the tutorial, remeber to check out effectsportal for more!

  12. joesking

    that’s really good, just a question, does maya after fx only work for macromedia

  13. mrmaxzzz

    Freakin Awesome…

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