How to clone oneself in iMovie 09 (does not require extras!)


Please register! Yes, there is a tutorial for yoursealf in iMovie 09! Clone! You do not need any plugins or just iMovie 09th anyting must also enable advanced tools in iMovie 09 to get the green screen footage effect, just go to prefrences and check the first thing you see that says Show Advanced Tools.
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style=”float:left;margin:5px;”> green Jahshaka update detection

Just a quick update with a better idea for the original video – I do not like the way I left it literally about 2 minutes to get the setup that I have a much better result. Green screen clip was Hollywood Camera Work, which Google and check them out, they have free high-definition clips to download and play with their detection capabilities of green to try!
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  1. VeryStrangechild

    Thank you.

  2. CJandMP

    All you need do is export the video clip, then import again and repeat the steps from here, but with the other clips

  3. VeryStrangechild

    How can clone more than one.

  4. iplatypus16

    Thanks friend who works 4 me!

  5. CJandMP

    I had that too, trying to shoot again, sorry

  6. LTmashup

    Every time I do that, I get a white ghostly figure, and I’ve done everything right, and I know that is not the end because I did in the two orders and does not work? Same angle and everything and nothings working: (

  7. cherrypopz567

    thank you very much! you rock!

  8. CJandMP

    How I can make no sense

  9. shaggykid332

    U does not make sense

  10. CJandMP

    @ BattleCalifornia I want, but I’m using a school computer myself (cand my class) to give all year round and can not wait to install anything on it. it sucks lol

  11. kaneissocoollike

    Thanks man

  12. CJandMP

    its ok lol

  13. 18thmaster

    ok, ok, ok, ok I did not see anything that said, “For people who do not have a green screen” My bad.PS If you have QuickTime Player, you can view your screen, clicking on File and record new disk on the screen.

  14. CJandMP

    The type displays people who do not have a green screen, how. I know it’s better with an actual green screen, because I have to do, but I’m the man, as if they do not.

  15. 18thmaster

    FYI: green screen is not the right way to clone himself. It has nothing to do with how bright it is. To correct these effects. You buy this green screen. Cinema, what you want, but the fund is to ensure that only the green screen. Then put it in iMovie. Then choose what you want the background and replaced the green screen background. I will not lie, you can also find a green screen and get results at Amazon

  16. StopMotionBoy42

    please go to see a tutorial on the making of the ball 3.

  17. CJandMP

    What you could do is either white, and then export. then back to his place as a clip of the two and then just change the color of the same

  18. MrKingChicken1991

    I took it again a thousand times. Seriously ..

  19. CJandMP

    you may want to recover and ensure ligthing scean is corect.

  20. MrKingChicken1991

    For some reason, whether the clone is really black, or I am very white. Please help, I’m doing a project and really need to get it done soon.

  21. jlatifmusic

    good job

  22. theoriginalmcgoo

    Thank you! this helped me a lot: D

  23. TheKaratyChicken

    sacre bleu! je ne pas will understand! lol just kidding (I’m from Holland)

  24. TheKimAbe1

    🙂 yayy ahahIch bilingual children speak French well, but I’m from Montreal: pselect was extremely helpful tho 🙂

  25. LauraWorthwater

    oh ok 🙂

  26. FreeWareFrolics

    Ha! Is it me? Where? Lol – that is random! Yes – the countdown – I know I was in England at 2 am for the start – and it never happened! I wanted to use to buy a new laptop with new software, but I’m glad I’m not done! I really hope you have only a minor setback or something!

  27. nairad100

    Hey man! You are on the website recomneded Jahshaka! However, in a little angry, because is 0 hours 0 minutes, 0 seconds to say the launch and I still have: I

  28. FreeWareFrolics

    In the current version you can but it takes time, and you can start from scratch, you need to manipulate the source material. There are plenty of good things about the jahshakafx channel (which is the official channel of this program is), but do not know if actually made in Jahshaka. A new version coming tomorrow, so hopefully that is good!

  29. portiakenney

    You can make really fancy effects such as intros in AE and fireballs

  30. FreeWareFrolics

    Yes – just cut an explosion – detonation films some free clips

  31. icebreakersix1nine

    u if u can make the explosion of a green screen or advertising?

  32. IAmArTuneZ

    Please reply: Jashaka sense is an alternative to Adobe After Effects, it is possible that the audio sound waves, such as Adobe After Effects? Thanks in advance

  33. FreeWareFrolics


  34. nairad100

    Ahahahaha funny that your 5 minutes after I posted this, I found the video and put the sound on my shot lol

  35. FreeWareFrolics

    I have two videos that cover: Adding Sounds in Jahshaka Jahshaka hope and typography tutorial, feel free to ask questions to help though – have risen by some good work on the effect of Jahshaka beautiful shot that he would ask the link. ! but the new design appears to have no post button!

  36. nairad100

    Hey, you want to add sound to video in Jahshaka?

  37. FreeWareFrolics

    Thank you. Unfortunately at the moment (as far as I know, that’s tomorrow) Jahshaka can not mask (hopefully the update that fixed). If you want, I can see a tutorial for the wax 2.0 (another free program, composting), which cover?

  38. mattdemicomedy

    hey thanks for this tutorial. Can u please, a tutorial on masking (as annoying orange)?

  39. oolukakpatha

    I liked the part where it gets fuzzy gauzeum to -5.

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