How to and what is a green screen footage (chroma key) Adobe Premiere 5.5

7 to a lot more exclusive content material. Amani Channel explains what a green screen footage is and how to green screen footage making use of Adobe Premiere five.five.

  1. webvideochefs

    Really you can use any color to key. It’s just that blue and green are furthest from skin tones and are the most common for professional productions. I’ve heard of red being used too. Please share a link to the video once it is up.

  2. MeltingBloke

    Thanks Amani. Really well explained. If I were to shoot a model spaceship (mainly white/grey), to be superimposed onto a dark night sky, would I use a black background instead of green or blue? so only light the model itself? and keep the background pure black? i want the model to fit well so lighting the model itself correctly will be very important. im ok with that bit just wanna know whether the lit green screen for a white spaceship model is still the best colour

  3. arise333

    Very good and easy way to explain it.

  4. SissyFV

    u can use not only green screen 🙂 .

  5. webvideochefs

    Thanks! How did you find our video?

  6. tanega

    THank you…..that really helped my project…thank you for posting……Love love!!

  7. DavidEFlanaganJr

    This is the best tutorial I have seen so far. I have had trouble finding this. I have searched for hours online, going to the Adobe TV site, and I even bought other programs to help me with chroma keying. I wish I found this weeks ago! I am a student at Old Dominion University. We use Final Cut 7 there and I have Adobe CS5.5 most of the tutorials I found were for CS4. Thank you Amani Channel! You are awesome. —Dave Flanagan

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