How Key green screen with Keylight in 1.2 and digital roll-Focus After Effects


style=”float:left;margin:5px;”> How green screen with Keylight Key Digital 1.2 and roll-Focus on After Effects

In this tutorial we will learn how to properly correct key green screen and color to match fund our environment. We also learn an interesting technique to make your digital photos with a digital roll approach seems interesting. Download the project files: Keylight plugin downloads: The Hook:
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  1. cags59

    Seriously u do awesome tuts!

  2. Billy Piazza
    Billy Piazza10-31-2012

    Thanks for this tutorial. I’ve seen dozens, and this is the best I’ve found for typing. We enjoyed the movie too!

  3. wesleyvloger

    While this may seem silly, but it can make a way to make a video in 1080p on youtube?

  4. Guitaristic11

    Thankks discharge as the vine and sub you 🙂

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