How I can generate a cyclorama wall


This video was made with Sam Robles to explain how they built the wall of his studio cyclorama. It is very informative and give you a step by step basis walk-thru/tutorial some ideas to make your own create. We this with a Canon 7D and Canon 5D Mk II and the shot in Final Cut Pro All songs had been carried out in Following Effects and Color Correction in Apple Color. Video Rating: four/5

  1. xoxopolishpopgirl

    Justin Bieber at the bottom ……. 3:00

  2. veedubster411

    Super video and the wall! I built a wall to my company. I would be grateful if you could make some specific questions. Please do not hesitate to This e-mail response or, Thanks! First To attach the masonite, screws or glue did you use? Many screws, only at the edges or even every few meters in the center of the board? 2 For the transition of the curve on the floor, can you explain that? Third Use a primer before painting? Thank you!

  3. TiranosaurusRex2010

    Masonite? Next time, use 1/4 “or 3/8” layers …

  4. maiconrutz

    that’s fine, man! Let us know how it goes!

  5. adiphoto

    I started with qhu walls!

  6. maiconrutz

    No problem, man! Do it yourself … this is the way to go! :]

  7. raayn

    Awesome brother ……….. procyc appointment only and shit myself …….. I’ll go this way!

  8. maiconrutz

    @ NickWISDA …. I think he’s doing … hahaha … (It was the radio transmitter)

  9. nickWISDA

    The carpenter can Bieber?

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