How do you direct models to attain a desired expression! (Studio Video lighting Snapchick)


How do you direct models to achieve a desired expression! (Studio Video lighting Snapchick)

How do you direct new models to achieve a desired expression, to work their eyes, and pose the way you want them to or what fits them best? Snapchick will show us how to direct model and guide us through this tutorial.

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  1. siren56

    Thanks a lot this really helps me out, I’m new to photography and I recently found outt hat working with models is not as easy as it seems. I’ll definetly will make sure to use these advices next time I have to work with´╗┐ a model, thanks ­čśÇ

  2. addictabledisaster

    do you´╗┐ shoot the entire session with a prime or you try diferent lenses???

  3. MasonDixonPhoto

    “Sometimes, you have a one-trick pony, where´╗┐ the model has one look that they get stuck in.”

    Blue Steel.

  4. DefiantKMYKE

    uurrgg, snapchick´╗┐ again…

  5. zsombee11

    And also never´╗┐ talk in negatives (I dont like your pose, I dont like this n that) just say This was great, lets try something else..

  6. Luccaguitar

    great´╗┐ video

  7. MrGiorady


  8. LegoReviewsAndMor312

    Ok its good but it needs´╗┐ a little bit of work.

  9. RiceTac

    What that guy before me said. Only the last shot really looks good. I’m not sure if you’ve fired a real shotgun or not, but when´╗┐ you do, the muzzle goes back more than it does up.

  10. xXDannyOwnsXx

    i like the last shot it looks pretty´╗┐ realistic ­čÖé

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