How do 3D motion tracking with Boujou and Cinema 4D Tutorial 5 “cost-free” Component 2 of two

25 you like the raw material to try to locate your self? Mike shows how Boujou http 5, generate a track 3D motion. Then, after removing the tracking information in Cinema 4D, you generate a realistic 3D atmosphere, perfect video 2D composites. Video Rating: four/5

  1. AbdulHafiz32

    how to choose the frame rate per second? _____ I (drop the camera) is not always the point?

  2. ptlofts

    this is how the videos are UFO sighting …

  3. jasonhogeboom

    When you add a background on the clock 1:23 I took the video, but a black background, I did everything exactly like you. I could have done something wrong?

  4. Ddawg4life95

    Thank tutorial first sub I get to work! Cheers

  5. CroatiaFX

    people love you more <3: Dwirklich thanks! ­čÖé

  6. italparkerify

    Thank you very much sir

  7. teknikaldiffikulty

    Great tutorial I followed to the T works fine now MY CINEMA 4D and After Effects is better inclusion on its axis

  8. SpellStudio

    Sorry, but I do not speak English, but I keep all the videos please answer me this: Why do you have to change in the notebook? What is the difference between him and left the default? Greetings from Venezuela

  9. DesignerLukeFX

    Amazing tutorial, but when I do, without the sequence of the video file, just white and shadow / GI for the composition in After Effects was, how I can do that?

  10. IAINM1234

    As I start with Track CINEMA 4D motion to start from scratch and when I move further back

  11. atstairsoft

    How can the link between the reference points of the camera

  12. spentmoney

    Hey. Great tutorial. Just a quick one. Start at the left, if you import the C4D set the scale to 10. On the PC, it gives you options (inches, millimeters, inches, pixels, etc..) The set is in its defult 1cm. If that were the same as the exercise sein.Nochmals thanks.

  13. iiClanUniverse

    Hey im a very annoying problem. Each time you click a track point whether the origin, have chosen x-axis and z-axis tracking or multiple lines, so not only is white, but my test in 3-D figure that align Ontop import when I put it in CINEMA 4D, the white spots are not white are black Please help me, who can help solve before and win a subgroup and welcome one!

  14. RetinaPictures

    my experience is gray, gray, and I followed all your

  15. Modfrancoshine


  16. JamesHowell147

    Any1 that the texture is black try to make a JPEG-dies0 Sequenz1-Create a new you, the 2-channel MaterialDeaktivieren spiegelnde3 FarbkanalAuf-Enable the “…” 4-You click on an image hinzuf├╝genZum first image in the sequence of images of 5 Navigieren.6 Film asks if you receive a copy of the image, select “NO” box wollenAuf the first thumbnail you click the 7-Farbkanal8-In the attributes window of “animation” klicken9-Set the frame rate for Bildsequenz10 click “Calculate”

  17. VidMuze

    Here is a tutorial says I have very process? Watch & v = & list = BKsKfa8s2tA UU3fDP1tR187W4rdk2fyWd7g index = 9 y = function PLCP

  18. vfxpeeps

    Is not it better to do without the background and put it back into After Effects for more composoting

  19. SteeZtatus

    By God! this has taken so long, but it works thanks!

  20. theOmasterJazz

    my cube is completely black, not gray that could help me?

  21. TheWelshboy96

    Mine did not work: ‘(

  22. TheBDUBProduction

    When loading the texture, says “this image does not document the source path. Get your own copy at the location of the document?” I tried to take yes and no. None of them work.

  23. TheBDUBProduction

    When the load of the texture (original video) in the cinema in the material editor, try my video appear normally. It is white only. Please help.

  24. rabhishek91

    Great tutorial. Can you please give instructions on how to add 3D models for C4d.

  25. doug9183

    At 9:14 I see a horizontal line, and beneath the green, also has an impact on the trailer. What? I hope you understand, I do not speak very good English.

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