How can you make money selling videos (archive footage)


To make money register at: and and and – This is a 3-minute tutorial on the basics of selling stock footage clips online . Use the links above to register for an account and upload content contribution. Sell ​​3D animated videos or animations as background abstract work as well if not better than the pictures “real.” Many independent filmmakers and advertising agencies usually check images available online to keep costs down. I’m more than happy to upload more detailed explanations about the existence of shot, work flow tips etc. The response I get, the more information I can provide.
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  1. victoruguin

    I’ll take your recommendation account.Thanks for your help.

  2. Carsten Reisinger
    Carsten Reisinger11-03-2012

    Apple QuickTime is working perfectly fine for Windows users. There could be problems for hardcore video professionals in certain circumstances, but it works well for most of us. It is also an industry standard (MOV), so I recommend it. However, you can upload your recordings to other formats. Please check with each agency, the requirements they have.

  3. victoruguin

    Casireisi Hello, I appreciate your advice on how to prepare images for clock pond5.I a window and I do not trust QuickTime Pro 7, as it has a lot of negative feedback.I a star about to buy it, but my head was like I said a NO NO! I would be happy with another software that can do the work know please.

  4. Carsten Reisinger
    Carsten Reisinger11-03-2012

    You would have to buy QuickTime Pro to do that. Then you can use any video editing software. Converted using MOV Photo-JPEG compression.

  5. victoruguin

    Thanks for the quick Tipard Video Converter response.The are not parameter.Does Foto-JPG compression than the previous program is useless to say fullfiling my goal, to come?

  6. Carsten Reisinger
    Carsten Reisinger11-03-2012

    – Thanks for watching my video. I think the software works. I recommend the video in QuickTime. MOV format (container) to convert. For progressive footage, select Photo-JPEG compression (90% quality). Also make sure you export your recordings in the camera’s native 24 frames per second. Any conversion to another fps cause problems (even if they are small!). All organisms have great forums to discuss details related to your specific camera as well!

  7. victoruguin

    Wonderful information! I have a Panasonic GH1, which I think is great for footage.However, I’m confused about what the video conversion software or use for the preparation of m footage.I ‘currently using Tipard Video Converter and conversion results be very CREATE. What video conversion software or recommend me considering that I did not edit my videos like Pond5 so.Your tips do not help is appreciated.

  8. Ben Ericson
    Ben Ericson11-03-2012

    Thanks for the info.Thanks!

  9. BibleJohn


  10. Gerry Lane
    Gerry Lane11-03-2012

    Just found your website check out the information about the business of footage to bekommen.Tausend Thanks for the info here …… is great! I appreciate that you share this information! Best wishes.

  11. hunzaonline

    thanx a lot for basic information

  12. Carsten Reisinger
    Carsten Reisinger11-03-2012

    Appreciate it. I want to know why. Other information you want to Check out my blog for more information. You can find the link in my profile. Thank you.

  13. JasonPerryman

    Thank you very much, casireisi! I just started to get into this and it’s great to get a first-hand from one person to advice about how everything works. Thanks for the links recommended about what I am perplexed. I’m going to check now. Just gave you a 5 star worthy.

  14. Carsten Reisinger
    Carsten Reisinger11-03-2012

    It is a Ponzi scheme, or marketing, you will appreciate Youtube! I’m just giving tips on how you can sell your videos online stock agencies and a little extra money (if you like the video recordings). Depending on how serious you are, you can make a living out of it. You have to start somewhere, so I give you this advice. If you or someone needs more help, just send me a message and I’ll try to answer your questions!

  15. ankitnavgwal

    this is really work or scam?

  16. Carsten Reisinger
    Carsten Reisinger11-03-2012

    You’re welcome. Do not forget to send me your comments, so you want to see / hear submit material manufacturing and / or marketing. Good Luck!

  17. TexasHighDef

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  18. JeepsterGal

    Thanks for sharing this video, I appreciate it. I will try it!

  19. honigkatze

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