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Lake Forest, CA (PRWEB) May 2010

As the market for digital signage and interactive communication grows, the value of quality technical support. In an effort to give customers a positive experience, enable Horizon has developed to show the online resources that allow users to receive its large touch screen products service 24 hours a day.

sales channels often on board. several points of contact for end users of interactive whiteboards When technical problems arise, users are sifting resellers, distributors and manufacturers of answers. Horizon Display provides a simplified approach to this process, providing a place for the various forms of support.

technologies we offer bleeding-edge in the market, we can not wait to be out of our resellers and distributors on the hook for the costs of training and support. Although trained to play all of our channel partners, technology is still growing too fast to keep you informed channel like us. There is a natural delay between when we meet new technical intelligence and if that is circulated in the channel. We refuse to alienate the end user, meanwhile, Matthew Cutone, VP of Sales for Horizon said screen.

Main features include

website update:

? Manuals and interactive touch screen immediately acquire the latest information updated version
? Downloads key users now have a source of important drivers and API that helps the best in their ads
? Users online 24/7/365 support case can file a case online for assistance. This online delivery immediately placed in the front of the line of direct support.
? Video tutorials, FAQs and phone support also available

The value of this online tool does not end when the customer’s technical requirements are met immediately. Recorded all support issues and resolutions to our database support, and then revised in order to develop better processes and products, said Oselo Hinlo, COO of Horizon Display.

Horizon Display has experienced explosive growth over the past five consecutive quarters, and the total number of large format touch screen currently in use is four times higher than a year ago. To meet demand, the integration Horizon recently purchased additional storage. Your total square footage to just over 24,000 website has been developed to support saturation Horizon products already installed throughout North America tackle.


responsiveness Horizon apart from the competition. We are investing in additional capital to ensure that we respond as usual to clients involved in new projects of any size. One result of our investment is the need for more support in the first quarter of 2010, we increased our number of employees by 23%. Excellent pre-sales experience, excellent delivery and dedicated after-sales service are the horizon areas continue to invest in. Our clients know and appreciate it, adds Kurt Johnson, CEO of Horizon Display.

About Horizon Display

Horizon Display is an ISO certified integrator of large format touch screen technology and customized solutions. Horizon offers fully integrated touch technologies along with media management solutions and custom designs bezel.

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