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Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) May 18, 2012

Maryland Traditions, a program of the Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC) has announced that more than 30 artists and teachers to their learners are free workshops, demonstrations of lead or both in the second annual Festival of Life Maryland lore. The festival, an interactive, family-friendly celebration of folk music, art and food from around the state is 11.00 clock 19.00 clock, June 16 at the Creative Alliance in Pattersonrain or shine.

There are many stories behind the artistic traditions practiced by these people. Their daily work and the arts are an important and fascinating ever-changing cultural heritage of Maryland, said Clifford Murphy, Ph.D., director of the Maryland tradition, we want people coming to the festival to connect and learn traditional artists of our state.

In addition

teachers of traditional arts and their apprentices demonstrate for teaching and visitors of the festival, the festival offers two music stages with musicians from Maryland a wide range of musical genres, the music of the Himalayas, dance South Africa and Mexico, bluegrass, Irish and gospel including music, a salsa and more. Maryland, made arts and crafts, and a number of prominent Maryland’s favorite foods are also available for purchase.


in the 2nd Annual Festival of Folklife Traditions MARYLAND:

All children must be accompanied by an adult


yarn (yarn of Mexican Art) by Francisco Loza, self-taught artist, originally from Guadalajara, Mexico. He is an artist in residence at the Creative Alliance in Baltimore creates Worsted and Art (the art of thread), working on a wood surface with a combination of waxes as a manual that is artistically woven thread by thread brightly colored thread . Francis learned his art work for over 15 years with the indigenous Huichol artisans living in the Sierra Madre of Jalisco and Nayarit in central Mexico. This workshop is for children eight years. Study No. 7, 1.00 bis 05.00 clock.

Chinese brush painting

Yu Mei Green Anne Arundel County. This workshop offers children and adults of all ages traditional Chinese ink painting, a tradition that spans centuries. Unlike oil painting is on using brush dipped in color and has a similar approach to Chinese calligraphy. Workshop participants will learn the techniques of holding the brush and paint the basic shapes found in nature, such as bamboo leaves and branches on rice paper. Two 30-minute sessions will be on display once again safe. EDUCATION: 04.30 clock-5. 30PM


duck decoy Rich Ward, smoke and museum. This workshop offers children in pre-cut waterfowl (ducks Flatties shaped pieces of wood) to paint. Master carver and painter Rich-smoking leads this workshop for children four years and thought, with the assistance of the Salisbury room Waterfowl Museum of Art. Hall with capacity for 15 places for adults and children at any given time. EDUCATION: 3.00 bis 04.00 clock

painted eggs Mudryj Halyna, pysanki Master, a style of decorating eggs from Ukraine to the dyeing and painting. Pysanki is a variation of pisanki, a Polish style and is also shown at the festival. Two workshops of 30 minutes has space for 15 adults and eight children aged. LESSONS. From 1.00 to 02.30 clock


Chandresekar with Shanti, an Indian painter of Kolam North Potomac, Maryland. Shanti learned painting from his grandmother in Kolam Tamil Nadu, India. Traditionally, Indian women began their day with rice flour kolams temporary and symbolic paintings in the door as a sign of welcome for guests. This is a workshop for all ages. Media Lab. 4.30 bis 05.30 clock

National Geographic Photo Camp with Erika and Karine Aigner Nörtemann. National Geographic Photo Camp will consist of a 30-minute introduction to mobile photography and social media. Participants must bring their own camera phone and have or be able to download a Twitter application. Participants will be 1-1.5 hours in the entire field of photography festival. MEDIA LAB: Noon-4: 00 pm. ?




forceps through the Annapolis Maritime Museum will be held for children (ages 4-6) get practice in applying the lesson of the Chesapeake Bay oyster and the life that exists on oyster reefs . Experience through the use of their senses, students, the texture of the shells of oysters, the smell of salt water to see the bugs and learn how oyster reefs and the creation of communities of the Chesapeake Bay. John Van Alstine Working Waterman share their experiences in the lives of the working waterfront and practical demonstrations of oyster tonging. ALL DAY.

Painting Workshop

surface: painted surface will be offering workshops throughout the Society Day. This workshop offers a rare opportunity for participants (ages 8 +), try your hand in its own window painted Screena Baltimore tradition since 1900. Painted canvases adorning the windows of the townhouses in the city for decades, providing much needed privacy because you can see by the picture painted, but you can not see! ALL DAY.


Mimi Dietrich, a master quilter who specializes in making Baltimore Album quilts. Baltimore Album Quilts were in the mid-1800s, caused mainly by religious groups. They are shocking images, such as wreaths and floral baskets, which are sewn together with appliqu? Technology and use the traditional colors of red and green. Mimi has produced sixteen books of all kinds of padding, and was instrumental in promoting the production of album quilts Baltimore, Maryland, and beyond both. Workshop participants (ages 4-6) Baltimore Album quilts create patterns. 30-45min sessions. 12.30 bis 13.00, 1.30 bis 14.00 clock, from 2.30 bis 15.00 clock

demonstrators on 2 ANNUAL MARYLAND TRADITIONS Folklife Festival

African Drum

MAKINGBaile McKnight is an institution in the Maryland African drum and dance community. A master of percussion and dance drum maker transforms raw materials such as cow and goat leather on the Djembe, Ashiko dunun and battery. Introduced to the drums of the Caribbean in 1960 from R & B, was formed in welding and sculpture and studied with master drummers from Africa. A tradition, three times winners of Maryland maintains Dance training, lasting relationships with their students. Dance Works opened in 1975 in Forestville African drum.

ARABBINGa only Baltimore tradition since the mid-19th century, arabbing selling products, fruits and other items of a horse cart. Generally, a male tradition, and, more recently, African Americans, arabbing a food distribution that combines the attractions of the city docks along the road from the port to the other townhouses more there. Manboy Donald Savoie, father, an elder of the community of West Baltimore was arabbing arabbing for over half a century and is of his son, Donald joined horse of Savoy, son, grandson, James Boom Boom Chase and wife of James , Shawnta Chase.

Dietrich Baltimore Album

QUILTINGMimi (Catonsville) was sewing since I was thirteen. As she made her first son, age 37, entered the world of quilts, first quilt made for him. In the 1980’s, Mimi went to an exhibition of quilts Baltimore Album of the Baltimore Museum of Art and fell in love with this unique tradition Baltimorean quilting. Baltimore Album Quilts were in the middle of the 19th century, produced mainly by religious groups. They are shocking images, such as wreaths and floral baskets, which are sewn together with appliqu? Technology and use the traditional colors of red and green. Mimi has produced numerous books on all types of padding, and has in promoting the production of Baltimore Album Instrumental P.
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