Halloween Zombie Makeup Face Tutorial – Part two


a new creation and a video response QueenBeeuty eyes were doing. He later removed his video. Click here for Part 1! www.youtube.com my jewelry line – Get www.unlimitedsparkle.com Sigma brushes I love it here – http This is high quality, cost effective, a zombie for Halloween or just for fun to be. If you have questions about what I used, please ask. The removal of the mask *****: You can mask a number of ways, what is appropriate. -I removed the mask after wearing it. The petroleum jelly acts as a lubricant and allows them to detach from your face without skin too. Keeps your skin pink and irritated a bit, but disappears after calm moisturize it. -You can also use hot water on your face or put a cloth soaked in the face for a minute or so. This softens the tissue to help dissolve again, the glue and allow more easy to replace a lot. Be careful if you wet your face in the sink, that the masses do not go and clog the drain. -You can also deduct these dry to help with more Vaseline. If you put Vaseline all over your fingers and use it to slip under the mask will come off easily and leaves the skin is less irritated. Pull the mask is a bit of fuzz on the face and baby hair around your hair if too close. Also avoid the eyebrows, since they do not want to lose all those! Thanks for looking! Follow me on twitter: www.twitter.com
Video Rating: 4/5

  1. punkypooch

    This is fucking legendary, I know what I’m doing for Halloween

  2. hollzholland

    This is totally fucking doing this for Halloween!

  3. kitikats1

    I will try. Has anyone tried it? Ou have the time, how do you hold?

  4. fivefingazz2theface

    Yes, I know, but that has nothing to do with it off

  5. xxientertheroomxx

    better. Tutorial. ever.

  6. memphismichaels


  7. xRainingGlitter

    I would try this …. If I was not afraid, in fact dealt with in a zombie to get it ..

  8. MJsgurl01

    How do you take them off? 🙂

  9. EpicFail270

    seems easy! By going to try thanks!

  10. 1324dank

    Ill try

  11. may puff
    may puff08-03-2012

    to do this for a contest, but how I can cover my arms without looking like an idiot?

  12. 0oPReDDieBiGGo0

    fuck the haters I loved this girl keep them coming!

  13. Gabby longoria
    Gabby longoria08-03-2012

    looks so real

  14. Julius55555

    Your videos are sooo sothing xD

  15. uniccornprincess22

    Raisin age have blood on them?

  16. uniccornprincess22

    lol ikr

  17. uniccornprincess22

    Works auchDUH

  18. Mya Yasin
    Mya Yasin08-03-2012

    and that is queued is pretty stupid

  19. lissyirishdancer18

    I wonder if this recall as a mask yocould … Hmmm

  20. foreverwolf9976


  21. DamarioFilms

    looks like an old raisin not good at all

  22. Danaluvs2dance6

    Signed 🙂 u should do, until a cleanup program of learning

  23. brianna TheDinosour
    brianna TheDinosour08-03-2012

    incredible … simply amazing grace, how sweet the sound … idk in my head when I said poped LMao amazing XD

  24. ThePinkRanger100

    to 1:14 she looks like she was burned.

  25. ScreamingPenguinProductionz FR
    ScreamingPenguinProductionz FR08-03-2012

    Marble: O

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