Green virtual screen developed with the computer software produced FXhome


style=”float:leftmargin:5px”> create a set of virtual <a href=green screen footage FXhome software” src = “”/> generate a separate virtual sets from pieces of genuine life. Designed with CompositeLab FXhome Pro consists of essential green screen footage, masking, and classification. Video Rating: four/5

  1. fxhome

    In theory you could, but would be crazy to do it that way. : P It would take forever and be very stressful for rotoscoping. While rotoscoping is often necessary in areas of visual effects shots, will be avoided.

  2. utubepunk

    Uh, can be translated into English, which for a n00b?

  3. fxhome

    You should be able to get excellent results with a setup like this, Alex. Although this particular video was shot on a HVX-200, the green screen is very simple (as you can see all the wrinkles!) And the lighting was mostly natural light in the windows. It was not ever leuchtet.Ein experts HV20 good job, a small camera is excellent. We used to get decent results miniDV cameras back in the day, and the HV20 is a step ahead of them.

  4. alexmcginness

    Do not forget that you know a really great video camera and a lot of how it was created in order to get results like these. I have Canon HV 20, 3 Softboxes and a pro-green screen and have never been proven able to find a key in each receives each IVE software. Sure, I can make a big key if I use the sample video that comes with the different programs … But how does that help?

  5. fxhome

    VisionLab comes with a commercial license, which basically means you can use at will to be. 🙂 CompositeLab EffectsLab and can still be used in any project, but require a credit will be recorded. This credit can be part of the normal end credits.

  6. MrSammyWinchester

    FXhome what is a business license?

  7. magicus3000


  8. fxhome

    Copy the level of the child, he turned down and placed on the table. Then escaped to match the limits of the table.

  9. magicus3000

    How does the table reflect the video?

  10. tpayne123456789


  11. fxhome

    Check out the manual and the tutorials in the FXhome website. 🙂

  12. tpayne123456789

    Using the FX screen or green at home

  13. eriflava

    I can do something like that on the filmmakers, or need special software-?

  14. wrstlingforever

    woooooooooo beautiful

  15. izzysmart


  16. bonayef1

    how to display images on the corner with this clip.

  17. acroduster

    I guarantee that you can do all this in Vegas Pro 7 or 8, and is really easy, the chroma keyer in different elemental filters broken, so they need to know the traditional approaches to filtering and anti-aliasing, channel compressed chroma but all the funtionality is available. FXhome VisionLab or offer a different interface to work, I have used it and found a couple of things quickly.

  18. fxhome

    I have no idea – I could do to bits, but not really what Las Vegas is designed to do. In general, a job will be quicker and easier if you use a tool specifically designed for this task.

  19. premierepictures01

    may be possible to do in Sony Vegas Pro 8 (I doubt it)

  20. runesacpe100

    FXhome u can help me where I can get the funds?

  21. fxhome

    Yes, you’re the first person, indicating the possibility of failure. I’ve been waiting for someone to do that. : Error PDieser shows how important it is for your recordings is to plan carefully so that each item fits perfectly. We did this in a bit rushed, so it is unnecessary to consider the same care that we have.

  22. N00l3

    The only problem I see is that the outlook was the paper on the table. But the rest of realistic, and no annoying refletctions green hair or something. Good job.

  23. electricity95

    Will try to write a Tarn Test.dank

  24. fxhome

    Copy the video clip, so it is opaque, and the mask to conform to the surface of the table.

  25. electricity95

    Wait a minute how you want to do reflections?

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