Green Screen Tutorial Sony Vegas [Chroma] (Dutch)


style=”float:left;margin:5px;”> Sony Vegas Green Screen Tutorial [Chromakey] (Dutch)

een deze video Laat Malique jullie Zien hoe evergreen screen in Sony Vegas Pro Moet Chromakeyen ABBONEREN 10, Groen DUIMPJE s FAVORITE!

Remove model

blue screen or green screen footage with the magic eraser in Photoshop
Video Rating: 5.1

  1. MrMistakengod

    AS latches veel Engelse filmpjes kijkt lelijk.Maar dit Goede tutorial is very high in terms gedownload Sony Vegas? Zo Krijgen yes, give ik het graag Zou.

  2. TutorialDutch

    @ Ik heb of gemaakt meganoud mijne zelf, 1 stuk van Groenne stof 4.50 1.50 cooked door ik heb bij een nu Garbage on the screen will bij 2.25 3 😉

  3. TutorialDutch

    Yes Zou zijn dat @ hbuu Gaaf real! Erm Stuur JE naar tuts in Geef ik ga JE Shoutout Enz Ik kan muzzles OOK Maken, maar ik ben niet goed is punch in Super ofzeau. Dusseh THNXMalique

  4. MegaNoud

    Waar heb je je cooked green screen Malique

  5. HBUU

    Ik ik wel give begrijp cited JE HAVO heb het op maar heel hit Druk proefwerken school, etc. maar voor hebben jullie NOG Tuts VFXdutch nodig ik kan namelijk flashes in Sony Vegas at sea, ik ook in After Effects tuts kan doen voor het Nederlands in Natuurlijk jullie! Climber maar mijn AS jullie Hulp nodig greets Huub hebben

  6. TheIndianaJohnson

    These techniques are not designed for the removal of the green screen. Draft extract and tools are not just professionals. The real way to do it, in the channels. You can see how it works in Photoshop The tools you mention are more complex for the funds, but because of the green screen is how it works with the channels used. That’s what the pros use.

  7. AlexAke

    This is the lame way of setting an image like this, unfortunately, not for the crime, but it was terrible. That is so so so immature and unproficient well, and the end result is just awful! I appreciate someone who is trying to help, but I personally do not try something that will not help much to teach others. There are many better ways to do it. Using masks and channels is the way forward.

  8. pakistan713

    Vist Basic 20training.html 20training/Basic

  9. TraversaModa

    I think the air filter is better

  10. happygamestvfun1

    Perverted dirty old man

  11. TheMax300ful

    YES, it is really bad

  12. dizzymaiden

    I just noticed the date of 2006-which is a very clumsy way to do this. And the model looks like a runaway 14.

  13. Massmurdajohn


  14. robby102938

    I would go with “color range selection” would be best for this picture I guess it is ….

  15. jstalmaster

    Terrible. If the eraser tool or masking background sound? Even if this is less than CS3, uses a sophisticated mask. No DIS with the Creator, but be careful to take the viewers.

  16. stAvrieeX

    ø “¸ ¸” ø ¤ “ø ¤ º ° ¨ press F5 twice ¸” º ° ¨ ¸ “ø ¤ º ° ¨ after 3 other vids ¨ ° º ¤ ø” ¸ ¨ ° º ¤ ø Copy and Paste ‘ `° º ¤ ø” ¸ ¸ OK “ø ¤ º ° ¨ ¸” ø ¤ º ° ¨ ¨ ° º look at ur background

  17. northernstudio

    this is the same child who was doing this stupid DIY sun protection for the HV-20, sure sound the same …

  18. Neomiike

    Weba you give me a tutorial USING filters Learn Best xD

  19. o0oSWANo0o

    This was terrible for the pixelated edges. they do not even take the whole bottom hätte1 Abich. use the magnetic lasso tool and as close as possible to the model. then select inverse and delete … At this point, all you have to do (if you did a good job) is to close and remove all the blue feather wand or the entire image, which actually would help them integrate into it, which is placed in2. put a paper bag on my computer … hey what would be better: P

  20. kookkid6969

    is that the Magic Wand tool

  21. pmgodfrey

    The only thing I have learned from this movie you do, Photoshop tutorials is to suck.

  22. gs10lincoln10gs

    fuck you

  23. Cactusgames

    Give me 1 minute and 30 seconds ago

  24. Choko4343

    OMG! the greatest loss of my life time Howe! u guys are good! omg hes like the devil – that robs us of time known as our souls!

  25. ontao88

    Give me back my time ¬ ¬

  26. marovella

    Hot Chick Jacking’m whine or make the video ……….. what was that again? lol

  27. kunz506

    as I believe that anyone with Photoshop knows how to use the magic eraser. Post something that is not so easy to do

  28. thecookiemonster47

    I will never again a minute and a half I wasted

  29. irascari

    I’ve seen, so I want my time back! I will not waste my time watching this video again

  30. x0cheeercutie0x

    Thaan not see

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