Green Screen Tutorial


Green Screen Tutorial

Rapid tutorial on utilizing the new Green Screen effects in Video Star and VideoFX Reside version 1.6. Visit our weblog for a lot more suggestions on improving your green screen footage videos:

  1. zo5845

    Mine doesn’t let me record a video..

  2. VideoStarApp

    What are you using for a background color and how’s the lighting (dim, bright, etc..)?

    Try it with different colored backgrounds, then once the green screen control is open touch the screen where that color is and slide your finger around to experiment with different spots. Then touch the “ball” control on the right and experiment with up/down and left/right and even diagonal settings to see if you can tune in the best blend.

  3. VideoStarApp

    What happens when you try to use it and what color of background are you using? I’d be happy to help get it working for you.

  4. TheSuryp1

    It doesn’t work

  5. VideoStarApp

    We’ll keep you in mind for future openings. Looking forward to seeing your green screen videos.

  6. HeyItsBradley

    I just fixed the wrinkles situation, so Im going to try it again. I just love this app, I have the Advanced Auto-Stop feature, and instead of editing for like, 8 hours to make a quick jump cut video, you dont have to edit at all! Im in love with this app, and sometime I wish I could help test it like theastronuatcookie (or YummyPotatoes)! 🙂

  7. VideoStarApp

    Great, glad to hear it that! If it’s a vivid enough color (and not close to other colors you don’t want) then you can get away with some wrinkles and so-so lighting. But the better the lighting and surface, the easier it is to get fantastic results.

  8. HeyItsBradley

    I used this today, I TOTALLY love it! Everyone is talking about its not perfect, but to get a perfect greenscreen you have to have perfect lighting, no wrinkles, ect. It works really well, saying the iPad/iPod/iPhone quility. Totally awesome! 🙂

  9. VideoStarApp

    Is there something we can help you with in Video Star?

  10. TheSuryp1

    This sucks

  11. VideoStarApp

    That’s why you are getting bleed over: your eyes & teeth have white and parts of your face with brighter light are close to white too. Pink is very close to skin color as well.
    The best colors to use are a bright green or blue, but even something like a vivid orange or yellow might work.
    Check out the featured video on our channel, I think she’s in a room with light green walls.

  12. cadenandhollyvlogs

    Yes loads and my background colour is white and baby pink?
    mostly white?

  13. VideoStarApp

    But what is your background color? Do you have enough light?

  14. VideoStarApp

    What are you using for a background color? Post an example video of the scene with and without green screen on and we’d be happy to offer suggestions. Did you check out the blog post yet? There’s a link to it in the description above.

  15. cadenandhollyvlogs

    No matter how you do it it get on your face and is never perfect how to I not get it on my face so its just the background covered? 🙁

  16. VideoStarApp

    A green or blue background usually works the best. We’ve seen one done in a room with green walls. You can also have fun with bright colored shirts, replacing the shirt’s color. Check out the link in the description for more details.

  17. Nataly Oaxaca
    Nataly Oaxaca05-08-2012

    but this green srceen effect only works if u have a green screen?

  18. VideoStarApp

    White will only work so-so, since any bright spots on your face, your teeth, the whites of your eyes will tend to match as well. Sometimes you want that, but if you want to totally replace the background you really should get a green or blue screen, and use enough light for everything.

  19. VideoStarApp

    What are you using for a background color? If you use white or red, then you’ll find that parts of your face will end up matching. Also, are you using the timer to set the green screen (i.e. getting in the picture, freeze frame, then adjust)?

  20. megacoconutcandy

    i love the green screen!!
    exept it always gets on my face:(

  21. MeJustMegan

    This green screen needs improvement. I tried it on a white wall and it was terrible.

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