Green Screen to Virtual Environment Transition


Rough Draft of Green Screen to virtual atmosphere transition. Shot on the HPX-300, Tracked in Boujou, 3D from Maya, Composited in Right after Effects
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  1. pythohn

    Hi, can you give me this green footage link.

  2. Masterine

    is it possible for you to do a tutorial?

  3. bclarkanim8r

    @ crazzy294 What you need a 3D software package (I would recommend learning Maya or 3DS Max) to make the dungeon room. This can take a lot of time to learn if you don’t know 3D. You’ll want the flooring of your green screen to be “cycloramic” meaning it has a curve at the very bottom instead of a sharp corner. The curved corner is to even the lighting out to get a better “key” when you chroma key your footage in after effects. If you are using a still camera there is no need to learn tracking

  4. crazzy294

    How can i create a 3d green screened dungeon room for a zelda film? I have a posterboard green screen but only covers background walls? do i just make a flooring ? or do I need anything else

  5. crazzy294

    What equipment do you think I should use to make a 3d green screen enviroment of a dark castle dungeon room? I want to make short legend of zelda film. My green sceen is green poster board taped together XD

  6. TheFIlmGuyOne

    holy crap!! ammazing!!

  7. dublisssss

    please share this greenscreen footage on the internet and make a tutorial ”how to create this transition” PLEASE. I am from Latvia and in my country i don’t have a chance to learn something like this. I have no money for education in USA or smth , but this is my dream to create something like this… Please. Make a tutorial. Really.

  8. bclarkanim8r

    @wwwThunderossa The little stand with the three tracking markers is simple to pull tracking data from multiple depths within the scene. Camera tracking works on a few concepts and one of them is by having different makers throughout your scene at different depths. This helps the computer figure out where the camera was moving in real life by measuring the parallax between objects. 

  9. MrGuilhermeFernandes


  10. wwwThunderossa

    Very nice setup! Out of curiosity, what were the three track marks attached to the small stand on the right for? It’s a little tough to tell, but doesn’t look to be in line with the wall. Thanks.

  11. amafagafigadorsera

    Tem um erro ali da sombra do muro no busto da garota! Ta a sombra da barra!
    Ficou bom, so iso ai que estragou!

  12. staboymalibu94


  13. zawzero

    He would just patch them out after tracking and then keying afterwards?

  14. bestplugins

    WOW, could you do a test with a photorealistic 3d environment? it would look totally real

  15. bclarkanim8r

    @staboymalibu94 We did two different methods which both work. I was able to draw a quick mask that was animated to be tightly around the actress. Another option would also be throwing a second key, setting it to yellow, and playing with the tolerances till you get something acceptable that only gets rid of that specific color of yellow. One thing I have seen other studios do is use green post it notes so they key out easier.

  16. staboymalibu94

    but how did you key out the yellow dots? I think yellow is pretty much in our skin tone…

  17. bclarkanim8r

    @MegaKingMP It’s a really nice setup! Pretty much the best you can get in Arizona. We have the 2nd largest green screen in Arizona, which is lit by 5 kino flow, 3 Videssence lights. We have additional 1k and 2k lights, as well as 3 650w lights, and 5 Diva lights! It makes for some great lighting to get those nice Chroma keys!

  18. MegaKingMP

    i wish i had a great green screen like that! My lighting isn’t anywhere near as good as that!

  19. hummertrish


  20. ak122version

    check out this vid, these guys arent really professional in playing with graphics but i liked their vid, they wanted my support so i hope u guys subscribe and like the vid


  21. bclarkanim8r

    @FCPWHAT Very true, however when I did this I didn’t exactly have a plan, it was more of a quick test to show what can be done with tracking. If I had planned more or put more time into compositing, I could make that shadow look more like the wall’s shadow!


    Very good but unfortunately the green pole on the ‘steadistand’ shadow can be seen on the talents chest.

  23. GilaTin4444

    Thank you, very interesting!

  24. bclarkanim8r

    @oblivion2233 Thanks! Stay tuned and I’ll be doing a lot of this type of work in the near future. There’s gonna be some really awesome shots!!!

  25. oblivion2233

    wow, each one of your vids get more and more interesting

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