Green Screen Test utilizing Cinema 4D and After Effects CS3


1st of all, dont ask what im standing behind lol, i just put a thing completely random in front of me so u cant see the truth that my feet are missing. When i was videotaped in front of the green screen footage, my feet had been out of the shot. This is a rapid green screen footage test I did making use of Adobe After Effects CS3 and Cinema 4d ten. First, I brought the raw green screen footage footage into Immediately after Effects, keyed out the green using Keylight, then rendered it, and rendered out a separate alpha matte. Then, I loaded up Cinema 4d and created a simple scene. Not a lot time was spent on the scene itself, since my primary focus was incorporating camera movement with green screen footage shots. Comments are welcome.
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  1. FoSbaKiaS

    i hope you have your d7 by now ­čśÇ best wishes from´╗┐ a guy on youtube

  2. SayGudday

    A little help? I’m keying green screen footage in AE then importing it into C4D to use as a material. Problem is that when I add the same GS footage to the alpha channel of the material, for some reason the GS footage becomes semi transparent as if it sees the entire image as shades of grey. What am´╗┐ I doing wrong? (Any help would be immensely appreciated)

  3. iVolitaire

    You choose background, add green color to´╗┐ it, and boom, You have a greenscreen background.

  4. novoart100

    how can i use green screen in cinema 4d? I always treating with´╗┐ this part of files by After Effects.

  5. CLJ891

    lol sry bout the quality of this vid. It was a real quick simple test done in literally 30 secs or so (and the youtube compression definitely didn’t help). I’ve actually purchased a hd camcorder (Canon HV20) and i’m working with much more complicated renders now, all in HD. I´╗┐ haven’t posted any new videos on youtube for a while, tho. Sometime soon i’ll have to post more.

  6. koamaniac

    excuses excuses´╗┐

  7. CLJ891

    not exactly supposed 2 b bright´╗┐ and btw as i said this is just a quick test, not supposed 2 b spectacular. i was just testin to see how an alpha matte would work in c4d

  8. stokmarknes

    A little dark I´╗┐ would say..

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