GREEN SCREEN studio: Super Inexpensive Basement Setup


Here it is! How I setup a cheap, inexpensive, and easy green screen footage studio in my basement. I use – three shop lights that I got at Home Depot – The green screen footage lights are 100 watt bulbs. The light that lights your subject is 150 watt. – wax paper or white heat resistent fabric to diffuse the light – a piece of green fabric I got at a fabric store – plastic clamps to hold the green screen footage – three tripod poles (or simply three items that stand about 4-5 tall so you can attach the shop lights) My video cam is the Canon HF200 and I used Adobe Premiere CS4 (using the Chroma Key effect) to replace the green with the space background.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. nccrochet

    I don’t know if that’s gonna be enough light for me. I have a real green screen and a 9×7.5 is my wall and the floor I’d say I have about 9×3.5 (it’s folded in half). You think this would be enough?

  2. GoldenWhaleshark

    Nicely Done!

  3. BlackHawkGaming

    if only i had the decent basement…or a house with a basement!

  4. GeneralDee3000

    what camera was used…thxs

  5. Broearlyoung

    This was perfect. I was worried I was going to have to kick someone out of the house to make room.

  6. rondesi001

    not sure what kind…I got it at a fabric store.

  7. rondesi001

    you are most welcome!

  8. AnisasBluePrint

    Thank You so much I was about to spend a lot trying to get this look! Again Thanx

  9. wutang4life36

    where did you get your green screen from? what kind of fabric is it?

  10. rstephensonable

    Oh that’s part of what I’ve been doing wrong… not enough light directly on the green screen. Bingo! Thank you. 🙂

  11. Dreamlatino

    Ok thanks and ya I did here you say some thing on your video about your laptop but wasn’t sure what you meant? But ok I’ll check that out on youtube chroma key videos. Thanks.

  12. rondesi001

    It’s hard to explain. Search for “chroma key” on YouTube and you’ll see how I did it. There is no projector. The background is add by the computer.

  13. Dreamlatino

    So you used premier elements? I have that program? But what did you use to add the back round do you have some type of projector? I didn’t see one in your video? Whats post-production?

  14. rondesi001

    The green screen is like a blank canvas. I use adobe premier elements to add the background in what’s call “post-production”.

  15. Dreamlatino

    Hey thats cool but what did you use to light up the back round? I don’t think I saw a projector or any thing? Let me know please?

  16. octap79

    thanks for the video man. I am thinking to try this green screen thing, too

  17. rondesi001

    Good luck with the move and the green screen. It’s super simple to do.

  18. rondesi001

    you’re welcome…good luck!

  19. rondesi001

    I use Adobe Premiere CS4 to edit and After Effects to do the green screen.

  20. FlyNdLeekz

    Thank You For This It Helped Alot

  21. Zennyman

    Thank you very much. I am very new to youtube production. I’m also very new to editing, yet I find my Canon HF200 and Sony Vegas Pro 9 pull a lot of the weight for me. As soon as I move into my new apartment I’m gonna try to do this for myself!

  22. rondesi001

    I’m not sure…there are likely other programs for keying but I only know of and know how to use CS4/

  23. solidusm88

    Talking about the software of your studio.. What did you use to play around with the files of this HF200 camera? Thanks

  24. rondesi001

    Go to the Home Depot website and search “work lamps”. The third row of results will show the lights. If you go into the store just ask for “clip-on worklights”. Good luck. Also, I recently added two additional lights to light up the green screen. It is easier to “key out” when the green is better lit.

  25. BugsyBuggles

    Hi. I am trying to make a cheap home studio for myself for my kids. I went to Home Depot webpage and was searching for shop lights. I am not able to find them. What are they called exactly? Will the home depot employees understand what it is that I want if I go to the store and ask them for $7 shop lights? Thank you.

  26. UniversityofWarsaw

    serial working nice job

  27. RaidszCaponeTV

    thank u man..working version !!

  28. h1jac3

    ohh man .. great uploud !! thank u. cheers

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