Green-screen compositing methods in Blender 2.63


style=”float:left;margin:5px;”> green screen composition in Blender 2.63

In this video tutorial, you learn how to remove the green background and replace it with another image. Green screen technology is used by most artists visual effects for compositing, and I hope my tutorial to make your workflow easier with Blender. So happy to mix and if you find this tutorial useful, please shares to third parties. Greetings ^ _ ^ V, you can change the theme I used in this tutorial here Download

  1. aditpratama1

    Well, I have the link to the subject in the video description .. Download added enjoy

  2. JD71998

    Where did you get this?

  3. aditpratama1

    Thanks brother …

  4. mandoiii

    Thank you! And … Good luck! 🙂

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