Green Screen Chromakey Tutorial and Tips: How to make the most of your shooting Green Screen – PART 1


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Green Screen Chromakey Tutorial and Tips: How to Make the Most of Green Screen Shoot – Part 1

I have. together a basic list of key points to shoot through the work put into the organization of a chroma key green screen These are common questions and possible cases in boxes, which seem to occur. If in doubt, it is always best to make your green screen studio for advice on these issues, as they are involved in filming every day, all year

Reserve Green Screen Studio -. The time and place

The green screen position is as important a factor as customers, talent and all crew members must be able to get to the studio and at the right time. A green screen studio centrally located with good size waiting area should have some couches, TV, etc with excellent catering always be a preferred option. Need a place near public transportation and major suppliers. You can save money to get out of the studies of the city, but if you run out of stock, how much it would cost a little down a bike? If the camera goes …. again, a homeowner can easily walk with a replacement?

Estimate how long it takes for the session is not an impossible task, as long as all the factors that have completed: –

1 is time to set up the camera and additional lights? Second time you stopped to rehearse for your topic? Third time Got enough for makeup and hair?


It is always best to visit the green screen studio to meet the staff and get a feel for how customers are served. This is very important because for many clients and talent of a visit to the green screen studio is fun exciting and a break from their normal working day. Should be relaxed and be sure that the production is shot to show them in their best light.

There are some obvious things, like asking his subjects not green, fragrant prints, fine scratches and wear bright / reflective. For corporate clients shooting on your color choice to think as you do not want something with the color of your brand or even collide clients seen to represent a rival brand color!

If possible, you should always ask for items shirts made a forced choice (one light, one dark.) And various relationships / accessories Within reason, you can apply themes to force his hair like Fine hair is more difficult to remove. Glasses should be replaced by contact lenses again, if possible, but remember that the subject can read cue cards or autocue so they should be able to see

STUDIO TIP – BackgroundsIf shoot some scenes before chroma green , and you need some shots against a background color (white or black, for example), you better pull down the white background and no single bud, green and “fix it in post ‘! A studio with white background and black is therefore very useful, if not essential

STUDIO TIP -. Perspective and camera movement to think about how each camera (especially zoom / Tracking) moves will change the perspective and the size of your fund to be added later.A mean slow pathway in the subject is in the editing stage, you have to accurately recreate the change of perspective and scale / size to match the background.’s not impossible, but it can be very time keyframing. To For best results, the camera should be locked off on a tripod

TIP STUDIO -. Shots shotsIf that blur the green screen studio filming a decision that is in the end not to change drastically in the past, do not take Photo out of focus. Triggers on the approach and then fade later in the editing room. “‘is an approach shot pull you endless headaches

In the next article we What video formats best for green shoots Studio screen key “‘the trial, in addition to” What is the best way a green screen studio “lights.

About the author Rob Nixon is

Junction Head of Post Production Media with over 20 years experience in the industry.On and introducing non-linear editing and Avid Offline Editor Online trained and worked on the documentary broadcast, commercial, corporate and Promos working. Now in Final Cut Pro, Rob also addresses the technical aspects of the green screen Soho, a London studio chromakey.

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Rob Nixon

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Junction Media post production with over 20 years experience in introducing industry.On NLE trained as Avid offline and online editor and has, to broadcast documentary advertising, corporations and labor Promos.Now working in Final Cut Pro, Rob also addresses the technical aspects of the Green Screen Soho, a London Chromakey Studio .

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