Green Screen – Chroma Key – Pinnacle Studio 12 – just learning


Green Screen - Chroma Key - Pinnacle Studio 12 - just learning sponsored ad. http This video is truly for enjoyable and testing/mastering green screen footage. Even so,these two guys are personal close friends and I do play tennis with them and they are the very best in their fields. So, if you actually require a Realtor for commercial or residential and a residence inspection total with warranty, these are your guys…………

This demo walks you through how to chroma essential in Final Cut Pro with the Veescope Crucial filter. For much more data visit:
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  1. Footagechannel


  2. caleblich2

    Can ppl please help me i need to find out how to snap the videos in this pinnicle studio 12 plus!
    help and ill sub!

  3. YourTechTube


  4. leel17

    great job!

  5. crst1988

    Not really. I learned by looking at YouTube videos. Just type green screen and you’ll find lots of videos. Good luck.

  6. Daggbm

    is using the green screen hard 2 use

  7. TheKris555

    Nice. I gotta try this effect 😉

  8. dinesjoe

    That was quite exiting!

  9. dinesjoe

    It’s cool but you in the image is wavy at the sides!

  10. krdpro

    u had green spil on ur racet @ 1 point u should fix dat

  11. TheEnvelopeMan

    does all of the pinnacle studio 12 versions have green screen effects

  12. jojofelina

    Nice Green Screen!

  13. FinalCutKing

    hope you enjoy my friend request

  14. indybear8

    pinnacle is easier.

  15. robertaldana

    This is the absolute BEST program out there. But not only the program, the guys at their customer service are nothing short of amazing. In fact, they were working on an issue I had (nothing to do with the software, but rather the fact that I did not use enough light) up until late Friday night and even emailed me Saturday with tips.

    The small amount I paid for the software was nothing compared to the advice I got from them.

    Get this program, you will be glad you did.

  16. SpaceAndrew

    SOLD! I am SO buying this product now. If you take a look at the video I have that uses my new green screen (called “Footrace”), you can see that I was having some trouble with it. But this product looks amazing, and it’s relatively cheap, so I’m definitely buying it! Thanks for the demo!

  17. JDzMonsterProduction

    Doooode this is really cool, and you explain everything in detail nice vids man really I dont say this to a lot of people especially instructional videos

  18. djkurvy

    Hey man! I saw you at Delgado in New Orleans. I was the guy with the movie crew.  Watching your tutorials!

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