Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown (Live in Japan HD)


All lyrics by Billie Joe Armstrong, except where otherwise stated, all music written by Green Day except where otherwise indicated compound. Live at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan © 2011 Warner Bros. Records Inc., A Warner Music Group Company. 01. 02 21st Century Breakdown Know Your Enemy East Jesus Nowhere 03 04th 05th 06th rentals The Static Age Viva la Gloria! Boulevard of Broken Dreams 07th 08th 09th Burnout Geek Stink Breath Welcome To Paradise 11 10th When I Come Around 12 My Generation 13 You 21 Guns 15th 14th 16th American Eulogy Jesus Of Suburbia Good Riddance 17th (Time of Your Life) Get the latest news on Green Day on its official website:
Video Rating: 4/5

Blue Orchid

film short written and directed by Gregor Smukovic. Official site of the film, behind the scenes and post-production: I own all rights to see this movie. Copyrights by Gregor Smukovič.

  1. constantine rin
    constantine rin12-30-2012

    Groom has taught me this song. I’m glad.

  2. yara M
    yara M12-30-2012

    How is this better than the studio version?

  3. zonYa17

    It is this shit? :-X

  4. ftpandgdfan

    Green Day Happy Day!

  5. unknown5555555

    a great song to start the show! 🙂

  6. marlena christian
    marlena christian12-30-2012

    one of the best songs of greenday ….

  7. KawaiiCrazyGirl02

    One of the bands that sound the same .. (Live Music Video) Respect!

  8. saa smile
    saa smile12-30-2012

    OMG * – * Amazing song Billie Joe is my hero! (:

  9. small ville
    small ville12-30-2012

    Green Day is

  10. King Ramirez
    King Ramirez12-30-2012

    billie joe look like Paul McCartney THE BEATLES

  11. weazelwarner

    OMFG! Billie Joe can fly!

  12. William Barbeau
    William Barbeau12-30-2012

    Would have been nice if we had some touristy stuff about “Awesome as Fuck” as if we had .. with Bullet In A Bible

  13. MrGreendaythebest


  14. MrGreendaythebest

    And you think he reads this? lol

  15. iAmDeathSpank

    Thumbs up for class 14!

  16. SmittyySmittyy

    Billie Joe: * looks * dislike bar “what is this shit?”

  17. Furkan Ocak
    Furkan Ocak12-30-2012

    Twelve to seventeen poverty is real human unmasked

  18. TheWhatsername21st

    TRE Ooh!

  19. jc thrall
    jc thrall12-30-2012

    Class of 2016):

  20. porca eva
    porca eva12-30-2012

    0:00 to 6:31 best part of the video

  21. prabir kumar maitra
    prabir kumar maitra12-30-2012

    yeah …. Supriyo really ….. we greenday in India …. plz sir

  22. Supriyo Dawn
    Supriyo Dawn12-30-2012

    We greenday billie in INDIA plz

  23. Banda Menortria
    Banda Menortria12-30-2012

    SEE MY VIDEO IN PORTUGAL 21 Guns clock>? V = rYUoP4HTS4I

  24. Banda Menortria
    Banda Menortria12-30-2012

    SEE MY VIDEO IN PORTUGAL 21 Guns clock>? V = rYUoP4HTS4I

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