Google SketchUp Toolbar Series: Dimensions


Shows how to use the dimension tool in Google SketchUp with ideas and finest practices. Video Outline: – Add dimensions directly to your model – Adjust dimension settings
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  1. sspRkk

    uh what was that thing about units on the end there? lil quick

  2. SELG88

    no comparison between this garbage and solidworks

  3. jedics1

    really, I cant change the objects size value by changing its dimension number after its creation?

    If this is true then I dont think Im going to bother with scetchup as this makes no sense for a ‘design program’ what so ever.

  4. jedics1

    is tried to change the size via it dimensions is os x and the object did not change its size accordingly, is this an os x problem?

  5. beth1714

    I’m using this fror compuer science!(: <3

  6. Purvinska

    that worked! Thanks for your help!

  7. tymann0909

    to draw a rectangle with measurements, type in a measurement followed by a comma, then another measurement, for example: 5.5, 6.25 this will give you a rectangle that is 5.5 long and 6.25 wide. hope that helps.

  8. Purvinska

    thank you for your reply, I’ll try it, I think I was struggling with a rectangle trying to draw it with measurements. Thanks again! This would be for cabinetry as well.

  9. Purvinska

    thank you for your reply, I’ll try it, I think I was struggling with a rectangle trying to draw it with measurements. Thanks again! This would be for cabinetry as well.

  10. tymann0909

    so use solidworks and quit complaining. 

  11. tymann0909

    I find it works best if you are using the views toolbar while doing dimensions, for example, I use the front view in parallel projection camera mode, and then use the dimension tool. this ensures it’s all on the same plane. if you’re in 3D mode, i find ithat you can control the direction if you go from a point diagonaly to another point, you can just move the mouse parallel with the blue, green or red axis.

  12. tymann0909

    actually, you can draw in measurements, if you click the line tool, and click a spot on the screen once, then allow the line to follow the blue axis for example, then type in 7.25 you’ll get a line that is 7 1/4″ long if you’re in architectural mode. I am a woodworker and design all my furniture using sketchup down to the exact dimensions. this this tutorial is simply to show how to put visible dimensions on a piece, like an orthographic drawing.

  13. Purvinska

    I also found this incredibly irritating and time consuming. what’s the point of google sketchup? you can’t draw in measurements, it’s a play tool only. Looks “cool”? Stoopid.

  14. Purvinska

    how do you draw with measurement in the first place? like in autocad?

  15. kretekroker

    irritating sound!

  16. Mystefier

    But how do you control whether it moves in the blue, green or red direction. I’ve found no explanation as to how you control what axis you’re moving on.

  17. anelphabet

    i want a parallel line so far apart from another line, how do i put in the exact measurements (the option to write them in the measurement box is not showing up)

  18. anelphabet

    how do i change the exact distance (not length) using numbers

  19. shrimpinpat

    im in engineering mode how do i pick out the measurement type i want it gives me feet

  20. vex123

    I couldn’t agree more. Google sketchup sucks balls in this respect

  21. GrinningSandCat

    You need a suitable hobby. Finger painting perhaps.

  22. aldaeron

    I wish I could change the dimension to the value I want and have the model change. I do not want to sit there dragging things around all day. I want to sketch my geometry then enter the dimensions I want and it changes to them to active constraints. This is how real CAD programs (i.e. SolidWorks) work.

  23. wjmeyer69

    Sketchup Blows! Dimension tool don’t even work.

  24. ibiteharddd

    is there no angular dimensions? -.-

  25. marc79euro645

    the video is not playing properly

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