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Video Rating: 4/5

test the capabilities of the Flip Mino HD camera as the production of a green screen, and throw in a little review of the new Lazer Tag for good measure / fill.

  1. rafa666imjp

    Scare Poooooooooooooorrra karalho not 0:33.

  2. PunkRockNoise

    Of course! If you are on youtube, be sure to leave a link to our channel in the description 🙂

  3. GlitchHopUK

    Hey, I could do this in my music video 🙂

  4. PunkRockNoise

    @ Mughen10 Take photos and video, then click on “Effects” and click “OK” and find “color key” or “Keylight” explenitory the rest is pretty self-explanatory. 😉

  5. mughen10

    How I can mix my green screen effects? please help = (

  6. chemitajosemaria1

    Where download?

  7. PunkRockNoise

    lol, no problem! Click the Like button and simply on their way to hell: D

  8. NuckyNils

    aversion sorry, I clicked wrong! : P

  9. PunkRockNoise

    Really? XDThanks for looking! : Have some better and bigger explosions and realistic in my channel …. : A-Punk

  10. bud467

    Christ! The explosion left me XD

  11. PunkRockNoise

    Of course! But first we must make our hundredth video! : Dhey if you like and want to support us, feel free to subscribe. ; DKein pressure 🙂

  12. KankaanpaanKeulijat

    I mean upload more xD

  13. PunkRockNoise

    Thank you! What do you mean download more? : P

  14. KankaanpaanKeulijat

    thanks, some effects really well here. Download more? 🙂

  15. PunkRockNoise

    Your spelling is good! : There are a couple of things from one end to domestic films (dot) youtube comund some channels have some effects, such as: (recommended) and radial Effects lonesoliderfilms (recommended) Thanks!

  16. Nucleareffects

    Could you tell me where the special effects gefundenps: Sorry for the spelling I am French

  17. RagonTheHitman

    You look like the type of the series …. Tim Allen, you know …. 🙂 The … more or less to borland; D

  18. wizzardmediatv

    cool, is not new to … I thought it was like a fish. 🙂

  19. webkinzproductionz22

    pronounsed its “mine-o” and “o-min” But that’s really cool! I have the black too!

  20. wizzardmediatv

    Used Final Cut Pro Apple Intermediate Codec plugin import and use the explosion dvmatte dvGarage to pull the screen. The program is magic.

  21. bostoncoke

    Please, please, please tel me what program you use

  22. TagFerret

    Thanks for making accessories and glad you liked the Phoenix LTX! The Flip Mino think it’s a very cool “camera viewfinder” for games of Lazer Tag would. Addition of a good way to bring a camera during playback and I just saw on TagFest videos, look for the stomach! 😉

  23. jaylin12345

    sounds like Dane Cook, and this boy, 70-good show with long hair always gets

  24. AsianGlow

    haha I enjoyed this review / discussion of lazer tag! 5/5

  25. wizzardmediatv

    COOL! I’ll see that … It is definitely a post office of Lazer Tag Party Highlight Reel be, and I want Brian to get their support! Diggin Mods much pain to your site! Ps, I had to reschedule the first to comment .. my nerves and pushed delete instead of reply.

  26. wizzardmediatv

    Posted Redbyrd64 (I deleted it by accident in a spasm of coffee): “Yes, that’s the name of the designers Brian Farley, aka TagFerret The Phoenix LTX is backward compatible with your ITTO transition, and to enter a game hosted lTTO .. ” Please check out his Youtube page for tons of fresh Lazer Tag videos!

  27. redbyrd64

    No problem. In fact, I have a good image of Fort Worden last year if desired. If you look at Fort Worden in my video, it is in this direction, but I’m not sure what the time frame

  28. wizzardmediatv

    Thanks Redbyrd64, follow the advice of lazer tag. I / TagFerret’m still a fan, I’ve been trying to get a statue of him in tagfest08 images, but it was hard. It takes more glamor shots. Our office in Wizzard be equipped with all the steps of the new team this weekend. I can not find my computer but lTTO!

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