Glamor Shots: DIY Ring Light – Filmmaking & Cinematography Tutorial 8


Click to Tweet: Shirts, DVD’s and so forth are all here: Watch my other videos: In this tutorial I explain how to setup and built a RINGLIGHT that you can use in your subsequent video! For much more information and to see all the other tutorial please visit my internet site: This video was shot with the Canon 7D and the 50mm F1.8 lens.

  1. Disthron

    Ah, so fluorescent is a viable option then, thanks for clearing that up. ^_^

  2. johnmiguelking

    They are used every day. Kino Flo is the most important manufacturer. They can’t be any tubes, as normal tubes give a greenish tint. Of all sources, tungsten has the highest CRI (colour rendering index), close to 100, as it’s a burning filament. But fluorescent is extremely close. The ones that aren’t that good, and probably never will because of physical impossibility, are LED.

  3. johnmiguelking

    Not a fan a of ring lights myself. I can only find them justified when you’re trying to get reflections off clothing, otherwise both the flatness and the uncanniness of the luminaire’s own reflection puts me off.

  4. grachious

    very helpful thanks!

  5. JLocTV

    Where can i find the SAME 1000 watt bulbs and blue gel as shown in this video??

  6. drde63

    I like to know if there is a link to watch the full music video that was shot in this tutorial. I like watching and analyzing your work, I’m learning so much from them. Thanks

  7. Akkordinator

    good information but next time please make it shorter…

  8. Disthron

    Ok, I’ve seen tutorials on movie making talk about lights before and no one seems to ever mention fluorescent bulbs, is there a reason for this? Do they mess with the lens or color balance or something? Is it tradition or are they just new and unproven?

    The advantage of fluorescent bulbs are that they produce less heat and use less power but I’m wondering why video producers don’t seem to use them.

  9. robert1973h

    dude ur the best man u answer so many questions …but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!u stutter…. to much and u go around a lot man,,,…sorry dude but get to the point!!!!! i love u man

  10. TheMykeSkillz

    I’m noticing more and more industry directors watching these tutorials and using them on their shoots… I get excited because I know how they did it…

  11. mariomatosmeb

    Another great light tip… which is awesome, ’cause a video is as good as it’s light work.

  12. JoeyMedinaComedy

    Hi Tom, I’d like you to watch my music video. I made a ring light and a dolly after watching your videos. The video is called “Breaking the Law” and is on my youtube page. Thanks for the inspiration and I hope you enjoy it.You’re one talented motherf**ker. Also the video has a link to the making of the video.

  13. yattrich49w

    I want this video on my XOOM 2 Media Edition phone.

  14. ilmutato

    if you get a 50 cent level gig, you will have enough fundage for better gear

  15. ilmutato

    if you get a 50 cent level gig, you will have enough fundage for better gear

  16. Arkasai

    I really appreciate the tutorial, the brief warning about electrical hazards was great. As someone who does electrical work I often cringe when tutorials don’t stress safety around electricity. 0.065amps is all it takes to stop your heart.

  17. articlescholar

    Your video is popular on Wellington

  18. RitzVEVO

    Does anyone have an idea of a song topic that i could use?

  19. odias67

    Where is this video finalized?

  20. bruvvamoff

    Hey. Your videos are awesome.
    Imagine instead of a ring light around the camera you have a gold reflector with a hole in the middle.
    Now imagine 2 softboxes either side of the singer shining at the reflector.
    Would that work?

  21. hanselnissa

    Great tutorial buddy, just learnt something new, cheers!

  22. broncojonnes

    You can’t turn up on set with 50 cent DIY
    gear like this and expect to be taken
    seriously …

  23. redspre

    Hi Tom, I’d like to know the name of this music video, to watch it entirely. Can you? Is that here on YouTube?

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