Fundamental editing in Cinelerra Pt 5


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The last rate of basic editing … Here, where we do our project in a video file. Also here is the project itself, so you see what I could have done! I hope everyone enjoyed it and it did the trick to get you started. More to come, including the effects Mattes, Chroma Key, etc so stay tuned!
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  1. vaasnaad

    Check out my slideshow tutorial! 🙂 Glad to help me!

  2. vaasnaad

    Thanks for this tip! Sorry for this long wait in the hat!

  3. Jeahavee

    This was so helpful from 1 to 3.5. Well, I have to figure out how to add pictures and get everything perfect the resolution.

  4. BugsVHumans

    – Do not worry, I read somewhere that when responding to questions from people on the Internet that has found a likely solution or a solution. Hehehe. Lucid in Cinelerra is soft and surprising. Hey, What is LUMIERA? Will it replace Cinelerra? When? Are you with Lucid Lynx, which PiTiVi – is almost as good as PiTiVi purge apt-get … 🙂

  5. vaasnaad

    Well, for starters, who helped me! I wonder what the hell was going on! I just switched to a bit stream MPG high speed and it worked fine. I make my tutorials in High Definition and upscaling of all video bits, so I had to just realized! I can not wait for LUMIERA … looks pretty sweet. I hope they have added some new features such as forms processing, and motion blur solid.

  6. BugsVHumans

    Hi, when upgrading to the new version of Cinelerra in Karmic, I came to depend on Cinelerra, if I Quicktime for Linux and set the bitrate to 98000000 – as a solution, reduce it to 5000000 and is good for you Maybe this will help people out there. 🙂 Thanks!

  7. BugsVHumans

    Hi, when upgrading to the new version of Cinelerra in Karmic, I came to depend on Cinelerra, if I Quicktime for Linux and set the bitrate to 98000000 – as a solution, reduce it to 5000000 and is good for you Maybe this will help people out there. 🙂 Thanks!

  8. IceFritzLanger

    Well, that was a first attempt with this software is not 100% great, but I’m very happy that

  9. vaasnaad

    I am very happy to have helped out! Been a while since I heard … post your coldness there yet?

  10. vaasnaad

    You are welcome!

  11. IceFritzLanger

    Thanks dude, =) large tutorials, I learned a lot from him and managed to watch a movie hpictures (quite short, but effective) grew up wit machen.Ich their basic editing tuts, before doing anything with the software. Then I found success with the cool =) You’re a good teacher.

  12. AeroDME

    Outstanding. That was very helpful. Thank you!

  13. vaasnaad

    Merry Christmas! Glad I could help!

  14. PhatPhunk

    Thank you very much for this great tutorial! I got into Ubuntu for the first time and was advised to use video editor Cinelerra. This video Really Got Me is easy and fast! Thanks again! Greetings from Malaysia! 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  15. vaasnaad

    I’ve noticed that with some pictures I took. Usually only the Cinelerra configuration and can pull the faders. If it is indeed an oversteer, but check my analog video capture. There exists a limit switch in volume. Simply put the label on the conversion script on my widescreen video and you should be good to go!

  16. ubunterias

    Thank you for your tutorials. I followed the 5 parts and made my first project Cinelerra! I have only one problem with the audio, without editing my clips sounds OK on all Linux players, but when you import the audio cinelerra peak is too high, so it has distorted … no idea what could be the problem? Thanks again.

  17. vaasnaad

    I was afraid to know that well, open a terminal in the directory where the file is ready, and do this – be sure to change the name and given an MPG file to DVD-quality YouTube: mencoder-oac lavc-ovc lavc- of mpeg-format = dvd mpegopts-vf scale = 720:480, harddup srate 48000-AF = 48000-lavcopts lavcresample-ofps 30000/1001-o your_video.mpg

  18. budgiebreder

    I love cinelerra corresponding file size is literally small! I have a 900MB video to it, and spits a 30 MB lol! but the problem is that it is not 16.09, how I can, so 16:9?

  19. vaasnaad

    Fantastic! I can not wait to see it!

  20. budgiebreder

    THX I tried to resume lending again and seems to have worked! I am again adding the sound congested, the Open Movie Editor (with MP3 versions of it) is created and is now rendering in Cinelerra over. I hope this works! should be charged, if it does in the next 24 hours! then you can see what my problem was completely lol!

  21. vaasnaad

    Note that Cinelerra an audio and video separately in the package you need for your video. Although there is no sound. If not, that’s exactly what will happen. In addition, work is not FLV. If you have any questions, I think I can be imported into a rule that I work in theater and then they do from there as DV AVI Type-2. Then loooooves Cinelerra. Hope this helps!

  22. budgiebreder

    well I have the two songs that I used to mp3, but my biggest problem … when you import the video … imported good, but I can not go on the timeline. boxes and things and that I can get other things that go on it but the video does not go! and the thumbnail view, there is only black if none of the actual video is black. also known as … HELP!

  23. vaasnaad

    Good news! If you add the sound itself, I would stick with MP3. Cinelerra, the “drag and drop” editing mode makes it easy to synchronize. More soon …

  24. budgiebreder

    I uploaded a video of cinelerra, it is easy, but I did! lol! But even more important! The Open Movie Editor, I told you .. I managed to do himself, but for some reason the sound is not processed correctly, and I wonder what format is good for cinelerra so I can add back the tone Cinelerra because I’m tired of playing “to 24 / 7 Open the Movie Maker ‘

  25. budgiebreder

    If you are using Ubuntu 9.04, I would not bother to download … only plays up on me, because I get 9.04, but it is a very simple and easy to use one ^ ^ between me and make everything you do cinelerra OMe OMe, but some things can be done differently.

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