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My freebie

free photos for this week. The lunar material is real, and I shot on my porch January 18, 2011. Stars in the background are artificial, as is the plane that passes.
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  1. TallSky


  2. BuddyGreenfield

    Thanks 🙂

  3. TallSky

    Hello – Yes, you can use, no problem. The lunar material I do is the only recording of me that I – because it’s so easy to do – a shot from my front porch. If you want it delivered by email or on disk, even though I have a little bill. Good luck with it and thanks. (Note:. Sounds may belong to other people in some of these clips of the moon, so you may need to ask). Clips shot, objects have not the moon is not included with this offer, except for the trees / THX James

  4. BuddyGreenfield

    Heaven, I would use this material if you do not mind (and if you have any) – Thanks

  5. 13anonymuses

    Nice Video.Dank for charging.

  6. TallSky

    Yes, use this clip you want. Thanks for asking

  7. WiserBudsChillOut

    Use it as you like. Thanks for asking

  8. nataliepawelek

    This is a free footage can download and use, or application for you? Thank you!

  9. rawtheory333

    Thanks for the sounds!

  10. TallSky

    Yes it is! It is one of those flying saucers Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 light effect! Quick! Mix the fighters! Call NORAD!

  11. omgmodding

    dit what this red, which goes through the screen? foreigners!

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