From coast to coast American debuts, marks the beginning of the Global Film Collaborative Project


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In the celebration of the birthday of Nations, Mount Airy Films released a free Internet short features a stunning time-lapse travel Americas finest natural and made wonders man. Simply named American, the film takes a thrilling journey through some of the attractions of the United States the most popular, from the shores of Hawaii to the hills of San Francisco and New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver and Seattle skyline reverence natural beauty of Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Death Valley, Zion National Park, White Sands and the Grand Canyon.


offers a vision of the country through a new set of eyes. Filmed by several filmmakers with Time Lapse, Tilt Shift, slow motion and aerial techniques, the piece in 11 states, was shot by several filmmakers. Additionally, all video clips in the movie to buy for use as storage medium in

Five Year Film Project presents the worlds beauty through Many Eyes

According to the filmmakers and producers of films in Mount Airy, Americana is just the beginning. In fact, it might sound like the go-ahead to one of the most ambitious efforts of underground filmmaking are always trying a company called Mount Airy, the five-year film project.

an open call to all filmmakers and filmmakers for the movie project five years to create a work of art visually appealing and in collaboration with performances by artists from around the world, the acquisition of many cultures, countries and natural and artificial wonders lapse, slow motion, tilt shift and other camera techniques. The end result is an animated film to be the wonder and beauty of the world, presented through the eyes and lenses of many individual filmmakers.

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About Mount Airy, LLC

Mount Airy Films, LLC is an independent film production, Desert Hot Springs, California. His current company, is the film project five years is an open call to all filmmakers and videographers to create a masterpiece within one of a kind, slow motion, tilt shift and other camera techniques, presentation the wonders and beauty of the world collaborate through a variety of eyes and lenses.

For more information about the films in Mount Airy, visit:

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