Free atmosphere FSX Pre-wrench Stock Footage


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Just something I’ve done loads in Adobe After Effects, so if you want it to be my guest, fsx add to your video and make it look realistic, like you’re really in the clouds pass in the air) for no subaction My second channel free file editing Vegas All My Vids viewed by clicking here a video that already do this atmosphere, I forget when you check Kai Tak www 2012. want to donate? (Paypal: link to all my Subbers —————————— Only! ——— well its fsx/fs9 / XPLANE / flightgear videos?, not getting the views and submarines that believes that you should always? Okay, I’ll help all I can — ————————————————– ———– NOTE: Nothing is gained from this alone I give U mad flight simmer a good starting point is the same way I have a hand of a few Simmer on youtube and I have my video is, as I started 🙂 so I just want to give something back and watch with my account Subber 🙂 Just when you put a link in my next video 🙂 Thank you all for you (Flight …

alpha tracks are in a video layers, 100% transparency and allow the video layer shows through.
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  1. NewTecStudio

    Hey can you tell me the settings? If so skype: Goldenxrevenge

  2. CaptJames

    I d / l, but how I can install actually achieved? Lol

  3. No1ForFlightSimVids

    The link is co-worker who just downloaded again without a problem ..

  4. CaptJames

    damn! the download will not work now! : (

  5. rekarts

    Thanks, I’ll give it a try

  6. flowmp

    Thanks to my brother!

  7. Tim Bossy
    Tim Bossy09-06-2012

    Watch my video A380 realistic here: / watch v = & feature = guu 7uY6HoAaPas

  8. TVAirBerlin

    Real nice work mate! Great thanks for sharing! Cheers

  9. airaction2257

    Hey thanks man for cloud formation luv em i say great job!

  10. Swissman81

    ohh shit burns the cabin! : D just kidding, you’re my fsx-video-creator no1!

  11. STBXMediaX

    I can help … You need to change the opacity …. in the timeline established by the mouse on top of the clip and then click and drag down .. A line should appear and can be used as desired to adjust 🙂

  12. STBXMediaX

    No adjustments are only … Are addons + graphics card and other things … Oh, and the processing

  13. skazhiprivet

    It looks good, echt.Ich wonder why it was not included in the simulator and …

  14. SirFlight

    Very cool effect … 😉 Thanks mate Tony!

  15. GoFlyPlus

    Thanks bro 😉 So you know Video center of breath? I’ve tried it in FSX: i4jjUFTwh88 D / watch v =

  16. GoFlyPlus

    same way as gunshot wounds do AE torches, in search of himself.

  17. minisherl

    So I downloaded the clips, but how do I get rid of the black background, if I do. In AfterEffects sorry for a newbie

  18. GeoxygenGaming

    Can you answer this? Its graphics are much better than mine, and I am with the game on ULTRA HIGH :/

  19. No1ForFlightSimVids

    oh ok sorry 🙂 In addition, there are 5 different Pre-wrench Stock Footage fast and slow, and I just wanted to show it to them and what you download!

  20. markoalex7

    sorry, I understood. I did not want that life actual footage, it is clear FSX, with the word “real”, he meant that we only see “something” in those 11 seconds

  21. No1ForFlightSimVids

    Thanks mate .. jer its kinda a cool effect.

  22. No1ForFlightSimVids

    ha, that’s not really footage. that is one of my latest FSX vids I uploaded last week 🙂

  23. FsxHDmovies

    video editing, not inside FSX.

  24. JerdooFlightX

    That Swag … I wonder how this as well as the effect it has on a couple where the wind shifted to the wing tip is … it looks great too 🙂

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