Frederick busy: Civil War event reaches Maryland’s debut documentary, Heart of Maryland in the Civil War, and welcomes noted historian Ed Bearss


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Frederick, Maryland (PRWEB) August 17, 2012

On September 4, 2012 debuted the world premiere of the documentary “Heart of Maryland Civil War” in the occupied Frederick: Civil War comes to Maryland, a special event at the Weinberg Center Arts in Frederick, Maryland. This first in a series of stunning autumn events taking place during the 150th Commemoration of the American Civil Wars 1862 Maryland Campaign. The program will run 7-9 hours and have special guest Mr. Ed Bearss, a recognized authority on the Civil War and the retired chief historian of the National Park Service.

Other highlights of the program include selections

musical period of Federal City Brass Band and his “alter ego”, the 26th Regiment Band North Carolina, and the introduction of the new Civil War Trails Maryland on application. The debut film and related programming April 9, 2012 is free and open to the public on a first come, first served. Registration is not required, but an RSVP is appreciated for planning to attend this special event.


busy: The Civil War Maryland program reaches the September 4, 2012 marks the 150th Birthday of General Real Robert E. Lee and his Confederate Armys first occupation of the north, known as the Maryland Campaign was. Frederick was the largest union in the city, General Lee and his army would occupy during the Civil War. 1862 Maryland Campaign commemorates examines the impact of the first race of Lee in the Confederate Army in the north, starting with the crossing of the Potomac River in Maryland, occupation of Frederick, and the battles of South Mountain and Antietam. The Maryland Campaign ends with the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln issued the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation.

The documentary was produced by the Tourism Council of Frederick County, Inc. in association with Maryland Public Television (MPT). The target audience is the film of the compelling stories and heritage tourism opportunities in Heart Maryland Civil War Heritage Area, which consists of Frederick, Carroll and Washington to enter said John Fieseler, executive director of the Tourism Council. The pages of this movie, such as battlefields, museums and scenic roads in the Civil War period Anniversary can be seen, he added. Heritage travelers that provide this type of historical and cultural sites of a significant proportion of visitors Frederick County and surrounding areas. Studies have demonstrated heritage travelers spend an average of one and a half more than the average traveler, Fieseler said, making them an essential part of the local economy.

expected a lot of this highly anticipated event, Fieseler says, adding that many local Civil War historian, will be featured in the documentary will be in the audience to be there to see for the first time on the big screen. The film shows the border state of Maryland central experience during the Civil War. The debut has been completed, the first public exhibition at Fredericks Weinberg Center for the last renovation.

If you are learning a civil war expert or someone who has just started, by Federico played in the Civil War, emphasizing the documentation of why this is an area that must be seen, when learn about American history continues Fieseler. The film was shot on location throughout Countyas Frederick and parts of Washington and Carroll counties. It provides a great overview of what the Civil War Sesquicentennial leaves.

The crew and I spent two days in the field of South Mountain State, to film scenes for the documentary, says Chris passenger Haugh, scenic byway and Special Projects Manager. The story of the Battle of South Mountain role in the Maryland Campaign in the film, and a cast and crew of more than 30 is used to capture footage is. Scenes were also adopted in Monocacy and Antietam battlefields in collaboration with the National Park Service.

American Bus Association

called the 150th Civil War Remembrance of the Maryland Campaign. As one of the top 100 events in North America for 2012 During this time, a number of partners have come together to mark this historic milestone, with the main battle anniversaries falling South Mountain and Antietam, and related programming in September.

From now until October 31, 2012, Monocacy National Battlefield Lees show famous lost order, Special Orders No. 191, courtesy of the Library of Congress. These orders were Confederate soldiers of the Union, the country is now part of the Monocacy Battlefield, and some historians believe that the discovery load directly the result of the campaign found Lee Maryland. On 21 and 22 September presents the National Museum of Civil War Medicine, Frederick: A large hospital, a self-guided tour of the churches and other places that are treated in hospitals after the battles of South Mountain and Antietam


“Heart of Maryland Civil War” the air in Maryland Public Television on September 11 de 2012 to 08.00 clock The film was produced by the Tourism Council of Frederick County planned in collaboration with the MPT, and made possible by grants from the National Scenic Byways Program and the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority. Heart of Maryland Civil War Heritage Area includes parts of the counties of Carroll, Frederick and Washington and is part of the journey through Hallowed Ground National Scenic Byway and National Heritage Area. This event will also serve as the heart of the Area Conference Annual Civil War Heritage.

more about the upcoming 150th anniversary of Maryland. Campaign events in Frederick County, Maryland in September 2012

program details


busy: The Civil War comes to Maryland

movie with the world premiere of “Heart of Maryland Civil War”

September 4, 2012, 09.07 hours

Weinberg Center for the Arts

20 W. Patrick St., Frederick, MD 21701


musical period – played by the Federal City Brass Band and his “alter ego”, the 26th Regiment Band North Carolina


Mr. Ed Bearss comments -. Mr. Bearss is a recognized authority on the Civil War and the retired chief historian of the National Park Service

Inauguration of New Maryland Civil War Trails app – Maryland Office of Tourism

world premiere: Heart of Maryland in the Civil War – to watch the documentary and travelogue

RSVP online – RSVPs are not necessary, but appreciate that you would like to attend this event. This event is offered on a first come, first served basis.

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