Fractal Zoom (fossil hunting) E186 – Mandelbrot (HD)


made by Fractal zoom hd! Deep! Download the original version without losing our blog http if there as some other fractals hd here (and on our channel!) The fractal zoom is deep! a smooth and deep fresh chilled and love fractals team? wants to chat with them? Heres the link to the forum http there are hundreds of different fractal programs on the network, but my favorites are reviewed on my blog here … new support team by downloading fresh fractal animation team here Download Free fractal footage for their own projects / media / videos from here What is a fractal? Find out here …
Video Rating: 4/5

  1. DumaBuenosAires

    Hello! Your videos are awesam! We are ready, a band from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to use video in support of our music. We can believe. Perfectly with the spirit of our music if you have a PayPal account, we will be more than happy finantially along with your project. Greetings, DUMA BUENOS AIRES!

  2. fractalzooms

    Yes, you can go ahead, even though I am not the original frame sequence by hand, so you have to find a way to edit to find the song itself.

  3. Omid Pakbin
    Omid Pakbin12-08-2012

    Fractalzooms Dear, I’m a musician. I bought 5 of their videos to help. I would donate more if I was not in Schulden.Im student loans I am currently working on a piece of music that will take place tomorrow. ? I can use this video to present my music? I’m going to link to your site and YouTube Kanal.Hier is an example of my work: youtube. com / watch? v = PJ-1G6xerwg

  4. mijmijrm

    better not expand fractal! .. right choice of color and music.

  5. Vincent Gautier
    Vincent Gautier12-08-2012

    excellent 🙂

  6. sSunbeamM

    Like the backward movement of the screen to the video 🙂

  7. edumacat3d

    I wonder why the sky as seen through the eyes of infinitive

  8. teamfreshstatic

    yes – if you had infinite eyes

  9. edumacat3d

    If you have a monitor with a resolution infinitive and size, fractal see all at once?

  10. adopaz

    What kind of music? I recognize the words “Kundalini” and “Shakti” in this song of yoga.

  11. MshAhmxiO1

    Share this masterpiece ✧ hmmm

  12. TheArfmc

    beautiful break …. this video right at the exit and you dumb Lautstärke.laden … another widow youtube looking Pink Floyd shine on you crazy diamond 10.27beginnen floyd playing, then scroll to the fractal zoom and spielen.genießen ….. 🙂 Thank Me Later

  13. RamBeuk

    Mandelbrot zoom Most beautiful I’ve ever seen. How long does it take to do this? Also what processor you use?

  14. tmylve3495

    Does anyone have the lyrics of this song amazing?

  15. Mary Jane
    Mary Jane12-08-2012

    well … Then imagine you are burning, you will understand the infinite!

  16. apdodger

    Actually wrote one of the best comments I’ve ever read on youtube.

  17. Dinkydau00

    nice zoom

  18. OMG1670

    from the atom to the universe … I saw today ..

  19. 14divayou

    What kind of music? I love it.

  20. p1nkc4t

    Watch the fractal but began to listen to music / watch v = Z_HT-d8W1_M?. The music is not bad, but I prefer my sentence. Beautiful fractal, I think I’m going to show my best friend. 🙂

  21. daveblandston6

    Thank you.

  22. fractalzooms

    You can donate by credit card or Paypal by downloading the original version without losing our blog. the link is above in the description of the video – oceans of love

  23. wjcroft

    Thanks, this works great as a background video for neurofeedback sessions. Is there any Paypal where you can leave a donation? Blessings.

  24. xMasterJuiceX

    oh yes. that’s good.

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