Fortresscraft – Very first Rollercoaster and Ridable Doodad Sneak Peak!!!


First look at the new update coming!!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

*Update – A lot of people have been writing about experiencing lag with their videos. I posted a guide to my blog to help address this issue. Hope it helps! In this tutorial I show you how to start editing video with Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. My Facebook Fan Page: My Blog: On Twitter:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. Thecheifs1

    @xxfragxclanxx I do all the time

  2. xxFragxClanxx

    ll tell me what this is i will very much appreiciate it

  3. xxFragxClanxx

    Can someone please tell lrespond ith positive answers: when i was in my world, i encountered another avatar. I know no one else joined my world and i kept seeing a strange avatar with a green shirt running around with a lantern in his hand. Then i went up to it and it kept turning into blacksmoke. This is really weird and i never heard of this before. Ive tried googling it and nothing came up about it. I tried searching the forums.. And nothing. If you guys wi

  4. CoIIips

    your avatar is real ugly

  5. SwaG907

    Can I pretty plz be a tester plzzzz or am I to late to join? My GT is SwaG x Likab0ss plz reply! Thx a lot!

  6. nico2004ed

    im a tester and i did not get that test

  7. HK6

    Please step down off the high horse you are riding upon and get more facts before you assume you know everything. That is actually not a bug because there were actually two carts (one being slightly behind the other) going around at the same time. If you were to look down at the cart you were actually in, you would notice that it does not rise up through your avatar as you are suggesting.

  8. 10ldate

    awsome when is it due out?

  9. MrAnatamize

    I’m not talking about that 1 single bug. I’m talking about the ones that matter. That was just an example/

  10. MorninAfterKill

    this was the first testing of the minecarts we’ve done. all bugs get noted back to arcas for consideration. this as you see at the moment is not a peer reviewable fail as the game stayed stable and did not crash. the games only failed peer review in the early months of the game, the last time arcas made a last minute pull of the game to add in a few new features he was working on. it passed on the first resubmit.

  11. MrAnatamize

    No offence, you call yourself testers, whilst your ok at testing stuff, I noticed a bug by watching the video alone, in 1:15 if u probably let it fall more, you woulda gone under the minecart. Maybe this is why we always fail peer-review.

  12. MrAnatamize

    3:05 Halo reach splatter kill

  13. exosandman

    please tell me you can make these ghost trains go faster then this -_-

  14. fearlessgangsta5032

    xD actualy i made the first coaster just saying i got the update the min it can out and started 1 my freinds love it

  15. sWoRd1nTr3nT


  16. SignatureChaos

    🙂 cant wait to see more of this 🙂 !

  17. mrkool1296

    Man you guys have alot of fun doing this…GREAT STUFF

  18. MorninAfterKill

    easter eggs may or may not be placable again 😀

  19. AkiraVendaku

    I was just choking your chain Bro. Chill it did look good and I saw easter eggs. Wish they were still in game alittle. Anyway I am making a ghost train ride. Not a roller coaster! It will be very ghostly and… trainly. I’ll let you know when it’s done.

  20. MrM0DDER

    How did you get your conveyer belts to work???

  21. MorninAfterKill

    lol it was a joke bro, calm down we were just having fun testing out the new features bro. it wasnt sculpted with any architectural thinking. we were seeing how much the game can handle under the new optimisations. as you can see it can run quite well with 5 people and a few thousand doo dads. we do this in our spare time for you guys, to make sure that the awesome roller coasters youre sculpting are fun and work properly!!!

  22. AkiraVendaku

    ok I have 3 coasters and I’m building another one for a wicked Ghost Train ride when the patch comes out. So yours is hardly first. Sans ghost trains to ride your’s isn’t the best. Bigger drops and some rings of fire to fly through and maybe it would be more exciting. Some dark tunnels to go down and for gods sake use the fast conveyor more.

  23. Faulkner18FTW

    That dude in the MC armor has the same armour as me 🙂

    Halo: Anniversary ftw.

    BTW I am considering becoming a tester once I get this game :) Looks fun as hell.

  24. rubikszord05

    I think it is funny that Scott was master chief with wings lol. and how do you like halo CE?

  25. CoolCatertot

    Awesome about how long till it comes out? Btw I am like one of you biggest fans!!!

  26. TVInformative

    thanks short and simple video!! thumbs up

  27. AdobEasyTips

    When you work in Premiere you need to keep all your video files and images in the same folder. If you move the assets it will go offline. You’ll be prompted when you open your project to relink the files. Look for the file name when it prompts you. If you’re not prompted just delete the offline asset from the timeline and import it again.

  28. AdobEasyTips

    awesome, you’re welcome!

  29. Alska753

    Thanks, thats really useful 😀

  30. sonyluisp

    how to import sequence images to premier pro

  31. conewells

    Thanks, but re-link it how?? Where’s the footage?

  32. AdobEasyTips

    Make sure you didn’t move the video clip your editing. If you did you can always relink it.

  33. conewells

    why is my footage suddenly OFF-LINE?? and where did it go??? help!

  34. cheszly

    do u buy it or dl free? thanks

  35. raudonakurtke

    thanks a million bro 😀

  36. EatSleepLongboarding

    I wnat to add music into my vido howwwww!!!

  37. cleanmind90

    Can i please have the download link? I can’t find it at ALL..

  38. SonNuriko

    Thank you! I was worried because I’m about to change from Adobe Premiere Elements to Premiere PRo CS4 and I was super nervous but your video makes it less scary 😛 It’s still a lot different than Elements T_T

  39. crazyspooks10

    Alright so i was here stressing 2 weeks ago how to work with adobe and my film is basically over and about 8 mins, but sometimes the director asks me to fix a part at the beginning causing me to drag EVERY clip over to the right (which takes forever…). Is there an easy way to get around this? Dragging 5mins of video/audio clips could get annoying after a while… thanks in advance.

  40. crazyspooks10

    I click the arrow tool on the bottom right, then click/doubleclick the sequence and nothings happening. I swear this is something that seems so simple and its not working…. how do you get that bubble graph thing to appear based on hotkeys? I know the arrow tool works in after effects, but its not working for me in premiere. So stresssssed =[.

  41. AdobEasyTips

    To do that, select the arrow from the toolbar Then click the video to expand. But I wouldn’t recommend doing that because it will cause distortion. Find out what the resolution is of the video your using then set up your project with that resolution. I have other videos on Premiere that explain setting up your project.

  42. crazyspooks10

    How do you extend the sides of the video to stretch it out. I’m hating the black bars on the top and bottom…. i just want to know the hotkey you used around 6:04 to bring up the moving tool. Any help appreciated I NEED TO KNOW ASAP. Thanks in advance.

  43. HumiliationChannel

    does your update guide that fixes lagging fixes adobe premiere pro cs5?

  44. jchang911

    adobe flash pro cs5 would work. search it up on google

  45. nw5111

    thanks, what kind of flash program can I use to export to a different type of video

  46. jchang911

    why would you put a flv file in lol.. you’re supposed to use that with a flash program. then you export the flv into a video file

  47. jchang911

    its too laggy on my laptop haha i need a new desktop..

  48. nw5111

    any idea why a long flv file won’t go in?

  49. NewTRAlLERS

    Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas witch one is better to make videos like sxephil and change color like in lightroom ?

  50. verticostate

    good stuff, thanks man

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