Fortresscraft – Incursion Game Mode Sneak Peak Part 1


  1. averumsson

    if youve played both of them enough you would see the difference, so stop watching these vids just to copy and past your hateful comment

  2. rman2590

    i don’t get why people get on fortresscraft vidoes just to call fortresscraft a rip-off, don’t they have better things dto do then troll? do you lilhass20, stormhornet56, or mr darragh. i love minecraft but its fanboys are worse the cod or btf ones they are just like 13 year olds hating on justin beiber by posting dumbass comments on his vidoes.
    GO find something better to do, like play skyrim

  3. iamcodrew

    exactly, adding a few new textures to an obviously copied game, still makes it copied, fortress craft is just a way to give xbox users a “taste” of creativity they have been missing for so many years, pc gamers have just about any type of creation in the palms of theyre hands, playstation users have other forms of creation, such as little big planet (dont knock it till you try it) were as mindless xbox users shoot people all day, so i like the idea, just not how stolen it is.

  4. SuperCallie2

    hey morninagfterkill i really need your help. today I got hacked 🙁 and for some reason my world was flooded, i found all the holes TRIPLE checked everything and when i quit to title and came back, there was even more holes D: plz pm me and come to my world to help me solve this

  5. StormHornet56

    That’s because in a modern society in a developed country, subsects of games are common. I’m not saying all forms of copying is bad. It’s just the blatantly obvious, terribly done copying that profits because there was close to no creativity. Just like Fortresscraft.

  6. Thelondonbadger

    But lets not forget that copying a popular thing and then making it better/adding a unique style to it is how capitalism works.You could say the same for everything sold today in existance tbh. Competition breeds innovation never forget that.For example cod is profiteering off quake which is profiteering off doom which is profiteering off zombie invaders?i think from the 98/99era so do we all talk trash about cod halo counter strike ect ect for expanding on an idea of 3d fps? no.

  7. StormHornet56

    But let’s not forget the people profiting off of Fortress Craft because of their stealing of a good idea.

  8. Thelondonbadger

    I like watching both kinds, fortress craft = mine craft on consoles am i right? Just like COD = counter strike on consoles.Just enjoy the fact they both around and pushing developers to make more things to invent and make better on each.minecraft is getting same thing with Creeper BOSS events and ofc theres TONS AND TONS of enemy mods that are free so please dont get butthurt,minecraft will get better thanks to ppl modding ideas from fortress craft and every other genre. 🙂

  9. MrDarragh123456789

    minecraft > fortresscraft

  10. vindew332


  11. StormHornet56

    Yeah? Fortresscraft is stealing from Minecraft and should be destroyed.
    Alright, dumb fuck, ban me.

  12. vxxlxD3MONxlxxv

    Next person who talks trash on this nice videos comments page will get banned from youtube and its predisessors!

  13. MrAnatamize

    Yes. You can go to jail by being a dumbfuck.

  14. monsterblood2000

    …Well its just my opinion and i cant go to jail for that can i?

  15. MrAnatamize

    Well your opinion sucks dick

  16. mastermizbot

    @xxBAOUTLAWxx You contribute lol

  17. imwinning247

    u have the most epic intro on all of youtube… js

  18. JoevanniL

    EVERYONE READ THIS…ps. im not hating on minecraft….if the minecraft creator was smart he would have brought it to consol sooner but he the creator of fortresscraft saw that as an oppurtunity to bring a great kind of game to the consol people who play mincraft are still content..and people who wanted to play minecraft but couldnt on the pc can now happily play a type of game like it on the consol

  19. lilhass20

    Trolololololol wtf us this ? 0.o hillbilly

  20. Faulkner18FTW

    Just like the others…. Ok, thanks for responding.

  21. monsterblood2000

    I think its a copy of minecraft because it has alot of the blocks and tools. But Its just my opion.

  22. Faulkner18FTW

    Care to explain.

  23. monsterblood2000

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  24. Kmaster02

    Minecraft, still an Infiminer copy.

  25. SmileyGamersFilms

    um no its not

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