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New York, NY (PRWEB) July 31, 2012 announced today the launch of its all-new action page file search. is the world’s leading source of stock footage research, providing instant access to millions of clip selection and text notes, and its new user interface offers creative professionals the tools they need to maximize the production of this powerful resource.

We have a great effort for the user interface, which is essential given the large amount of content clips and is available on our platform to simplify said David Seevers, Director of Marketing Footage.nets. With the motion content of 40 world-class collections of images available on the website, users need a reliable set, simple tools with which they have control of the image search process and find the perfect clip. We believe the new site does the trick.

is eager to discover creative professionals and dedicated access to the best shooters in the world. By partnering with some of the companies in the world’s most prestigious footage, including Getty Images, the bank has footage, and CNN ImageSource Framepool grown dramatically in recent years, one of the largest and most comprehensive online database of the world, is archive footage.

new and improved website allows users to easily navigate the index Footage.nets immense and extensive picture material. In addition, the redesign of the new visitors an immediate understanding of what you can do to start working on the site to locate projects its images immediately. Within minutes, new users will be members of Footage.nets clip based on the inventory, or by dragging its database of text and the use of large advanced search feature to date shots, collection and / or category to determine precisely. This clarity and ease of use is also critical to its partners Footage.nets recordings you want to make as many new potential customers as possible available.

total, website redesign in its mission to combine cinematic sequences users and providers to offer seamless and painless as possible.

About is the world’s leading online search engine for images and gives creative professionals the tools to discover and obtain the best motion content from top business areas images quickly and easily from a single location. In, researchers can search more than 40 collections of recordings at the same time, seeing more than 1.5 million clips to communicate instantly with our content partners and over 250,000 premium movie clips of values down loading.

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