five Vital Final Cut Pro Workflow Suggestions Portion two: Choice Important for Selective Choosing (Video Tutorial)

35 – Part 2 OPTION Key for Selective Selecting: The OPT key is a powerful modifier key in Final Cut and many other Pro Apps. Here you’ll learn some tips on when and where you can use the OPTION key modifier to speed up your editing process. This is a new 5-part series on essential Final Cut Pro workflow editing tips. After many years of using Final Cut Pro I picked 5 of the most useful day-to-day tips and shortcuts that I use. Maybe you use some of these or maybe you’ve never heard of some of these. In any case – sit back and enjoy – they are short!
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New! Corel® VideoStudio® Pro X5 is an all-in-one video editor that brings together creative editing, advanced effects, screen recording, interactive web video and total disc authoring. Ultra-fast and packed with intuitive tools, it lets you create everything from family movies and slideshows, to fun stop motion animations, and screen recordings of presentations, tutorials and more. Get creative with advanced compositing and stellar creative effects. Tap into the full power of your multi-core processor with unprecedented speed. And share everywhere with native HTML5 video support, and enhanced DVD and Blu-ray™ authoring.
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  1. gamofobiax

    Im in switzerland, i just got final cut… the program is in german and I understand nothing.. can you help me where is the option to change languege___”?? thanksss bye

  2. MrZtroop

    apple = health

    health = strength

    strength = looks

    looks = girls

    girls = sex

    sex = aids

    aids = death

    Who wants an apple?

  3. Ice8Fire

    The key has both on there anyway and OPTION is written bigger then alt.

  4. freeeeeemusic

    In the File Section of Aries-Films you can download everything you need to create your videos and go even further. Just google for Aries-Films

  5. provideoschool

    good point – if you brought the video in as a stereo pair you have to unselect stereo pair by going to modify > stereo pair. they can be linked so you don’t need to unlink.

  6. crewsvideo

    i discovered that you have to unselect “stereo pair” or “link” in the “modify” menu. i’m not sure which because i did both.

  7. crewsvideo

    my new mac keyboard says option really big and alt really tiny.

  8. crewsvideo

    this isn’t working for me. running final cut studio w/ mac keyboard. i can option select the video, but when i option click on one audio track, both will become highlighted. i also noticed i am not allowed to lock one audio track and delete the other when both are highlighted. nor can i adjust the volume levels independently.

  9. provideoschool

    the proper nomenclature for this key is “OPTION” when you’re talking about it’s use in an Apple native application. Any class or book you read will call this key option so I think it’s best to stay consistent.

  10. loopyfilms

    The “option” key is actually labelled “alt” on all macs and has been for about 6 years. So why not call it “alt”?

  11. NeoZource

    wow, ok i new about the ‘F’ key, but how did i not know that. awesome, thank you

  12. italianjob199

    This is an awesome software that i use and i would recommend it to anyone

  13. ojhdurgsdf

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  14. 5771000

    just amazing

  15. Hungrybear9562

    Looks like really cool software. I learned how to edit by doing a commercial for video editing software. Perhaps you’ve seen it?

  16. rinjkfsnklja

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  17. simplybradrock

    It’s decent. Has all the common transitions and effects. I used to use Ulead which is basically the same thing. It works pretty fast and allows you to have two audio tracks as well as two videos all on top of one another which is impressive. But it’s HD videos aren’t compatible with Youtube which is sad considering the free Windows Movie Maker is HD compatible with Youtube.

    Bottom line, it is overpriced and is only slightly better than the free software that is available.

  18. Purpleboo11

    btw since you have the program, what would you rate it out of 5 stars? I am considering getting the program

  19. simplybradrock

    My video is already in HD 720p. It’s youtube that reduces the quality because either it thinks the video is interlaced, which it is not, or it thinks the framerate has been changed.

    I’ll try importing and exporting my video with Virtualdub and then upload it to youtube but I assume the quality will be reduced regardless. Thanks for the suggestion though.

  20. Purpleboo11

    going to try and get this program

  21. Purpleboo11

    you can just use a free program called Virtualdub to resize it to HD

  22. simplybradrock

    Studio Pro x5 isn’t that bad but youtube will not allow you to upload your video without reducing the quality. That is it’s major downfall. I’ve tried it in every video format. My 720p videos always get reduced to 480p.

  23. simplybradrock

    I use Corel Video Studio Pro. But everytime I upload a HD video to youtube it gets reverted to 480px. Anyone know a setting to export a video that won’t be changed by youtube when uploaded?

  24. dpfkljblbkl

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  25. dobberislief

    seems a nice program. After using Sony Vegas 11, Cyberlink Powerdirector, Adobe After Effects, Camtasia I really would like to try this one. hope it beats all of them:)

  26. Cumberbitching

    This looks great, and it has a really good price too. I think i’ll probably try the free trial 🙂

  27. Harryy00

    Is this video made with Corel VideoStudioPro?

  28. morymb

    I have a question about the X3 version. How would I take 2 video clips and make them transparent into each other. In other words..have both clips running on top of each other and so they both are transparent enough to create that old standby effect you see in a lot of music videos?

  29. Andylink007

    This vs sony vegas?

  30. artnessestudio

    i like corel videostudio but so sad… it is not support video from my nikon D5100.. my format video is MOV 1920*1080, 25fps/30fps but video run stuck!!!! my PC athom x2, ram 7GB, 1GB video card. what the problem video stuck!!!

  31. gevibz

    Desde hace un año funciona mal el corel video studio pro x4 , hace un ruido continuo el audio , he comprado el x5 y todavía va mal. 🙁 ¿alguien save como contactar con corel para que lo arreglen?

  32. Gekkachuck

    I’ll buy it as fast as it goes on market. Faster render speed is very important. Also I love new screen recording feature and 50p video support. There is only one problem, that is not solved yet even in this version. Only 2 tracks for text. It’s not enought in some cases. I’d love to see at least 3 or 4 text tracks.

  33. aorphia

    Sorry, but I got this video program confused with another one that I recently purchased. I actually have the lastest editon of the Cyberlink video editor.

  34. DuelWieldingGamers

    Next on my list of questions; would I be able to get the multi core increases using either an AMD Phenom or Intel Viiv or Intel i5 2500k processor?

    Also, if you don’t mind me asking do you have any benchmarks of your screen recording feature versus fraps?

    I’m on X3 at the moment, and i’m considering wether or not the upgrade is worth it. Take a look at some of my videos (especially the halo edited ones :D) It’s great software you have that is really under appreciated!

  35. VideoStudioPro

    Hi DuelWieldingGamers — this is a royalty-free track from premiumbeats[dot]com! It’s called “Always There.” I love that you asked, I thought it was a great track and a great example of how good royalty free tunes can be. It was about $30 to license it for commercial use, but for the number of views we get on this video, its worth the spend. In the VideoStudio Pro ‘Corel Guide’ we also link to Jamendo[dot]com, another site that offers some really cool tunes that are all free for personal use.

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