Fireworks HD Vol 1 – Free Stock Footage for Your Videos


TERMS: There is no watermark on the original material can be downloaded directly. They can be reused, remix, rework and remake this video content for free under the following conditions: (No annotations) somewhere in the video created must visibly credit “footage / newdepthmedia” for at least 1 second. (This may be, for example, in the end credits of your video or film) This material should not be the focus of the video (which should be a part of a larger work), you can use commercial or noncommercial low Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License (CC-BY) If you want to use this material without crediting me, please contact me via PM to make arrangements to purchase the appropriate license. Download Links: FireworksVol1: Subscribe! Google+ Facebook Follow me on twitter: Myspace Skype: Skype: My Main brobryce: My MindPower009 Tutorial Channel: My Vlog Channel: Hire me for your project!
Video Rating: 5/5

  1. 777AlterEgo

    The download version of the links in the description is not the watermark.

  2. ministryoftruthtv

    Hello! I would use the stock footage of fireworks, but when I download it, however, the description at the bottom of the screen? Is there a clean version available for download? Thanks so much! Sj 🙂

  3. newdepthmedia

    Just wanted to let everyone know that it seems that the download job again. Can these recordings (and all my footage otherwise) for free!

  4. MindPower009

    Thanks man!

  5. bastipictures

    Ah, yes, good idea!

  6. newdepthmedia

    Awesome! You could call it as a video response to post here, too … that would be killer!

  7. bastipictures

    Hey, I just want you to know I’ve used some of these materials in a video. You can check it out here: watch v = s509HK1N_C0 or simply click on the appreciation of my channel for great shots!.!

  8. BestTipsAndReviews

    Yes, that’s how it’s done.

  9. mihax209

    You have to right click -> Save Target As.

  10. RobertsProductions09

    If you get it here in Chrome trying to download your stuck at 0.0 to 1.3 GB. Never move. I’ll try another browser.

  11. newdepthmedia

    It seems still working, maybe try again? If the file is not working on your computer or download, not really? Maybe you need a codec to work, if you have downloaded? Try searching for K-Lite, if that’s the case.

  12. RobertsProductions09

    The download does not work for me: (

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