Final Cut Tutorial: Fixing Out of Memory in Final Cut Pro


this Final Cut tutorial micro, Larry Jordan – – answers the question: “Why do you always get the flags from memory when I think I have 12 GB of RAM?” Subscribe to FREE newsletter Larry Final Cut Pro – full of every month with the latest reviews, techniques, tips and comments from readers / nxlttrs.html
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style=”float:left;margin:5px;”> Final Cut Tutorial: Masking with more than 8 points

Hiding in Final Cut with more than 8-point garbage matte. May mask a maximum of 50 points. The link to download the free plug-in: special thanks to these two individuals are the plug-in: Hans Bauer yepimcaleb nick
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  1. GreenEyeGemini87

    THANKS! I tried all the advice I could find, and would not have thought that the dimensions of an image file can be the problem. Once the image decreases, the error disappeared. Thanks again.

  2. maxx87

    Still images I have no problems with “memory” message in the past

  3. giofreerun

    First, thank you very much again for reading and writing. But I must say I’m Dutch, and I really do not know what may have damaged bedeuten.Ich the clip importing, but when I say move it to the timeline: Warning – The video is wrong with these sequences, or configuration of your presets in the sequence … Then the bank of the timeline, canvas and tool disappears, followed by a “general failure”. Sorry for this difficult problem, but I’m really, because I need a project until the end of this week said.

  4. bothbrain

    For me, this problem is created when a photo is more than 4000 pixels in size.

  5. LarryJordanFCP

    Corrupted. Mov-file is almost always the cause.

  6. ShoeProductions

    I had this problem, I tried to remove sequences, change the configuration of the sequence of the lower settings, clearing space on my hard drive. I thought they would when they made a stream to a point before giving up and saying, “Out of Memory”, the problem was that I had a very high resolution to filter equipped with soft edges, both Final Cut can not handled easily. I removed the soft edges of the image and everything was fine. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the video, though!

  7. TheMadArab138

    Also, my project file, only 229 KB.

  8. TheMadArab138

    I love videos like this and this is not really my problem, I’m starting lรถsen.Ich only 20 or so minutes of footage in my timeline, absolutely no photos or text files, and only to think Timeline.Ich has something to do with the 0264 H-Video, or processing files, the latter which has been causing me many problems lately, but thanks to tun.Trotzdem.

  9. joejumps4fun

    # 1: Check! # 2: well! (Even the media Old Scratch removed), No. 3: Check! I found the solution, but do not yet know the cause of the problem – I had a still in which I got from a 18-megapixel JPEG file, created key luminance and color filters, so I made a still image FCP SHIFT + N and replaced with the JPEG format that FCP yet – problem solved! Thanks for your reply, now follow you on Twitter ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. LarryJordanFCP

    Out of the memory is a RAM problem. Outside storage is a hard problem. If it turns out, according to the memory of how to remove many unnecessary sequences and clips to free them from the browser, can be up RAM.Larry

  11. LarryJordanFCP

    There are several things to consider: 1 Make sure you have plenty of free space on your hard drive to the Export2. Make sure you have plenty of space Disks3 zero. Make sure all the green buttons visible on the left side of the timeline are the brilliant Larry Green

  12. joejumps4fun

    My FCP project only has a 755 MB video of him, 21 MB of audio files, and the project file is only 75 KB. So please tell me why I can not make or export? The video is less than 2 minutes and have not opened other projects or applications … Help! I can not export the video stupid!

  13. AZnathan101

    Hi Larry, I’m still getting the error message saying that the memory, every time I try to make a multi-clip editing. FCP7 I use all the files were different, but I changed them to match the MPEG Streamclip, this could be a problem? I honestly do not know what to do: (

  14. batonbiz

    I had a problem with memory error, but I am still connected to my computer to my camera and in the process of registration and transfer. When I turned off the camera, which disappeared from memory, and I was able to continue the representation.

  15. SmokyBanjo

    Oh, thank you very much to get back to Larry, but I solved the problem. It seemed that a change in the position where my files stored processing, solved the problem. I’m not sure what has been previously established.

  16. LarryJordanFCP

    I have to see what version of FCP and know what operating system version. Second, the memory may be caused by failure of a variety of problems. It is best to call Apple.

  17. SmokyBanjo

    I get an error message when you try to save files to make a very small project, however. It is 400KB and only a handful of clips in the browser. What is happening?

  18. LarryJordanFCP

    Happy to help. Regards, Larry

  19. TheRealSTONEYXL

    2 The Rescue Larry as usual … My son of 10-bit ProRes 1920 is very slow, turn the ball every time I’m doing something routine or screen by clicking on the browser to the timeline, menu items, anything, maybe it’s all clips. Will you spend a lot of money, the creation of the raids, because I thought maybe my 7200 internal scratches were the problem. If this solution a try. Greetings …

  20. Waterlaso

    Seriously, you saved my life! Thank you very much, this is one of the most useful and informative video I found on youtube! Thank you!

  21. Lekid23

    You have my … Night!

  22. LauraKPeters

    Of course, it worked! Larry is the best coach out there.

  23. bennyblankoprod

    Hello, I went from providing 10-bit to “always in RGB-making” attempts worked!

  24. lennui

    Declaration was a great help! Thank you!

  25. OfficialAdamRogers

    I can do this with a multi-clip?

  26. Last69Skullz

    The link to the page is broken. . .

  27. Aliks Vinera
    Aliks Vinera06-29-2012

    thank you very much!

  28. TheMadArab138

    This is totally amazing. Thank you very much for this video! By the way: (to be installed with Rosetta, if any difference) with FCP 7 to Leon and it works great.

  29. ijustwannacelebrate

    Yes, I found it thanks

  30. ComandoCameras

    go to programs in the Finder, you’ll find Final Cut Express / Pro, right click and click View Content to open the contents of the map, there is a calling card plugins ๐Ÿ™‚ PS: Do not connect the card-set in

  31. eleniko80

    Thanks for the tutorial, I have a question, point I, but if I show that happens mask made on impact, there is nothing, any idea what’s going on here?

  32. RossCarverTv

    Thank you very much, I needed a way to mask in Final Cut wxpress

  33. 58gpr

    Thanks for this tutorial! has really helped me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. mcfunthomas

    This richtig.Darรผber addition, the tools with the most and the time to spend on them – the better. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  35. moviesunrated

    Yes, but it costs much more tat.Ich at the time that is moving FCE. But not as good as After Effects that I have.

  36. mcfunthomas

    Movement is best for masking.

  37. mcfunthomas

    But if you need a better tool to mask parts of an image, “The movement has a pen tool, mask, masks out the animation and leaves them with precision” (Reporting by Tom Wolski, net of CreativeCOW forums).

  38. mcfunthomas

    Google for your tutorial and t … Now I can hide a number of points. thx 4 dat

  39. mcfunthomas

    Use Spotlight to find – I guess you have not deleted the folder …

  40. yiyuliao7

    ou! Thank you very much much!

  41. usedtobegamer

    Sweet mother of Jesus, which is hidden in the spring of Waldo?

  42. DayMarquez

    Can you answer if @ Dnoman56Bitte To hide a form in Final Cut Express was on a diffrent layer of the layer below?

  43. ijustwannacelebrate

    No matter who was the support folder on the hard drive instead of a username

  44. ijustwannacelebrate

    I have no folder support final cut …

  45. Mac1King

    can u make a tutorial to mask a person with that? in a very angry customer I can do it! : (

  46. BjarkeDuDe

    Geat! GREAT! Geat! GREAT! Geat! GREAT! Geat! GREAT! Geat! GREAT! Geat! GREAT! Geat! GREAT! Geat! GREAT! Geat! GREAT! Geat! GREAT! Geat! GREAT! Thumbs up!

  47. moviesunrated

    That’s great! Thank you! 8 points is not enough, and do not know what to add another point 8 is a tut.Einziges problem, we must add that even the feathers, and I noticed a change in some of the settings. Oh, well. 50 points. I can hardly complain!

  48. AssDroidz

    Holy Sh * t! They have a lot of things in the spring! Thank you too!

  49. AlexVideoProductions

    Dnoman56 Thanks for this tip. I downloaded the plug-in and it worked perfectly. Now I have to do a project with my son, a small clip with the statue and the mask 50. Greetings. Champion.

  50. JamieKnowIes

    Toms download does not come as a plug-EGF in the file is treated as a file from the terminal. Help!

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