Final Cut Pro X Tutorial Pt 15 – Fullscreen + Letterboxing


style=”float:left;margin:5px;”> Final Cut Pro Tutorial PT X 15 -. Letterbox anamorphic widescreen +

Link ANAMORPHIC Download LB: FCPX Basic Training Series Part 15 In this tutorial high definition voice for Apple Final Cut Pro, 10; ¿ What the hell is letterboxing? We learned how to request an anamorphic widescreen ratio letterbox effect on FCPX aspects. We cover the effect box / plug mounted and cover my mailbox manually overlay, which is available for download to use for all your projects. We take a look at some of the problems a mailbox, including solutions to these problems, but also some of the benefits and why it is done.

  1. GetThePun

    Currently FCPX purchase ….. Will screw u! for real numbers, try to buy older versions

  2. KidVlogger317

    What about the zoom … just to finish the whole movie, make it a compound clip, then apply the effect of mailbox. Easy. Assuming you are not the Zoom.

  3. 9FOURfilms

    Thank you! Grand Canal can not wait to buy FCPX! 🙂 You have my subscription!

  4. richardmherd

    The technology / solution is to create a new project and the name of “exports” (or something) and then copy / paste exports are in the region.

  5. Cloud9musicGroupWA

    thank you very much for downloading

  6. CrazyHorse200002

    They are simply awesome! I learned a lot from you on this issue and I can not thank you enough … Donations are coming!

  7. pepejuangomez

    To thank my film definitely iM Minecraft: D

  8. BreezyFxHD

    exactly what I needed! Thank-you


    was absorbed by videography and now I’m still the hang of it, if only FCP and siked to see what I can do with it


    Thankz bro Yung just click my name for my playlists and make music to check it out

  11. mushroombomification

    I need to know urgently, as “culture” of video to a 4:3 ratio .. I do not know what your time .. (Only yesterday this application) turn over a maximum of 90 degrees. Please please help ..

  12. biasvoltage

    Just speculating a bit here, but I worry that the mailbox that you can call losing bandwidth. Would not that black lines are encoded? Real movie is about a 4:3 ratio, but the shot with Panavision lenses – anamorphic real – the whole bandwidth was like, remains. Of course, firing this way, with an anamorphic lens means have an anamorphic lens in the projector. I understand that this is just an effect, but it made me think. Good explanation!

  13. danonabouncycastle

    The scaling from 100 to 101 – this should be cut smoothly beheben.Dan

  14. MrCarseallday

    I have a problem with the use of your mailbox … It seems that does not cover the perfect image, just outside follows a super thin which overlap … I’m not sure how or if you just need to fix mine?

  15. CountryPursuitsTV

    I have so many subscribers ERM ….. I really do not LOL

  16. drskywalkerluke

    actually happens is the only way to a select part of the entire sequence, the allocation for export to a new role as “part of my episode” ….

  17. drskywalkerluke

    Now I have a good reason to buy, compressor … 🙂

  18. danonabouncycastle

    far as I know, you can only define a single export “area” I have a tutorial with a compressor in my playlist in the use of FCPX FCPX and compressor – otherwise I do not think you can. (

  19. drskywalkerluke

    Well, all right :). One question … They know how to export only part of the whole sequence? I mean only a selected part? Thank you!

  20. danonabouncycastle

    Discuss the reasons why the overlay video is good 🙂

  21. drskywalkerluke

    It is not necessary for the overlay. Can be compensated.

  22. SprungTV

    I LOVE U

  23. getzzzz1

    Hey. I managed to put letterboxing on all my clips, but they have a problem. Every time you light up like a lens flare transition Bloom, noise, light or flash on the screen. I am looking to find a way for the mail box is blank when transitions occur. Any solution?

  24. MrStitchfilms

    To download Thanks for adding the mailbox to the people. It really helped me out. Ant

  25. wpr2004

    Thanks for the video link and the mailbox. Used by a video I just made on my side. Keep coming video tips.

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